Here is the asphalt base of Izmir

Here is the asphalt base of Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the road for comfortable and safe transportation of durable asphalts, İZBETON within the body of the laboratory is prepared. In the center of Bornova, new asphalt designs as well as control of asphalt quality are being developed.
The asphalt, which the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality puts on the city roads, is produced at the end of long-term researches and scientific studies. İZBETON A.Ş. The process of production in the asphalt laboratory established within the company begins with the control of the raw material. The Halk agreda “, also known as gravel, is being passed through a series of tough tests known as bitumen. The rate of raw material that will make the passing note is determined by the density of the vehicle in the region to be used as a result of precise calculations. Laboratory workers use em asphalt prescription lu, where harder and thicker materials are used on roads with heavy vehicle traffic, while bicycle-like arrangements with smaller vehicles provide a smoother surface using smaller materials.
Gökay Genç, who stated that he had an important role in the asphalt laboratory in the production and field application stages after the tests, said kay We are testing the size, brittleness and wear of the gravel at the raw material stage. For the bitumen, which is the bonding agent, we test the density, permeability, burning, softening and flash point. We continue our controls in production and field application stages. We ensure a healthy production and healthy practice with the controls we perform. Yap
Asphalt laboratory plays an active role not only in the production phase, but also in the development phase. For example, on the bicycle roads that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented as part of the Coastal Design Project, a specially designed asphalt will be used in the laboratory. It is aimed to make the bicycle roads smoother and more comfortable with the special asphalt produced using 0,5 density aggregate. The first application of the new asphalt, which will also ensure that the blue color specific to the bike paths will remain intact for a longer time, the construction phase continues. BayraklıIt will be applied in the region between -Turan.

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