Report on Railway Demand from Musiadtan Çorum

Report on Railroad Demand of Müsiadtan Çorum: Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) Çorum Branch prepared a report on the railway demand of the city.

85 organized by MÜSİAD Headquarters. In the report presented to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan at the General Administrative Council meeting, Çorum's contributions to the region and the country's economy were included in the railway network.

MUSIAD Çorum Branch President Rumi Bekiroğlu, who has made a statement about the issue at the General Administrative Board meeting, said that Çorum, which has become an industrial city without the support of the state, needs the railway to continue its development after this.

Bekiroglu, kazanDrawing attention to the fact that Çorum has become one of the most important provinces contributing to the fight against Turkey's current account deficit, with its entrepreneurs who have made investments in their own province, he underlined that if the city gets a railway, it will increase its production capacity, exports and the added value it provides to the country's economy.

Çorum's geographical location and the capital of Samsun with an hourly distance to the port of 2,5 is an advantage for many companies that logistically expressed Bekiroğlu, af But when we look at the transportation routes are used actively. The fact that the customs consultancy service is limited and many of our companies are located in the big cities are not reflected in the official figures. According to our research, the annual export of 400 million dollars is taken into account when the companies which make their export from the big cities are taken into consideration. We see the railway as the most important factor for attracting more investments and increasing our existing exports. The fact that today the most important element of selling goods to the world is to create a price advantage has become the most important condition of competition. However, the height of the fuel prices in Turkey are reflected in the transportation and freight rates further complicates the possibility of competition. The transportation of the transportation in the country is reflected in the product costs considerably. This also adds to the fact that when prices are higher compared to European countries, the situation becomes even more negative. Buna

Underlining the fact that the transportation weight in the country is on the road transport and this situation has a negative effect on the costs in both domestic and export trade, the railroad and maritime transportation between the provinces and the regions has not been given enough importance. The importance given to the highway and the related investments, while making faces laughter, and the divided roads in European standards, eliminate the significant shortcomings. The province of Çorum is one of the provinces we can say lucky about the divided roads. Today, the highways connecting Ankara, Çorum and Samsun provinces have been built as a divided road and all have been opened for transportation il.

In addition, the investments made in air transport and the transport policy give its results. kazanBekiroğlu stated that it is possible to increase the number of flights and increase the number of flights.

In the 2007, Merzifon Military Airport, the opening of civilian transportation in Çorum and a significant gap in the region voicing Bekiroğlu said, “These investments and services made in the highway and airway, unfortunately, both at the general level of our country, as well as for the province of Corum, nothing could be done within the scope of the railway . The railway has taken its place and occupied with every region and province on the agenda of our country. In our country, high speed train investments continue on certain routes, especially for passenger transportation. These studies and investments are also realized in EU standards. Unfortunately, Çorum has always been far away from these investments and services, especially in terms of freight transport. Provinces and regions where there is no transportation, especially where integrated transportation cannot be achieved, unfortunately could not show development and development. Although Çorum has not been able to get enough investment for long years in terms of transportation services, it has made significant progress with its industrialization efforts, its entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship understanding and it has become an important position with its facilities operating in manufacturing industry exceeding 450 today. The fact that this process is not disrupted in terms of both industrialization and trade, and that the railway investment is realized in order to make progress on the contrary, is of great importance for all segments of our city.

Çorum, which has an important place in the history of civilization with its deep-rooted history and rich culture, stated that it is one of the most important centers of our country in terms of cultural tourism and the following opinions were included in the report;

Ind Today's 7000 is in the borders of Hattuşaş Çorum, the capital of the Hittites, where the cultural data of the year was found and the first organized state was established in Anatolia. It is a fact that people who reside in Ankara are going to Eskişehir or Eskişehir to go to Ankara for a trip by train. In case of railway infrastructure, there will be a significant increase in the number of tourists coming to our province.

In the province of Çorum, there are facilities operating in the manufacturing industry exceeding 450. 40 of our country's tile needs and 10 of brick needs are met from Çorum. Flour, feed, all kinds of machinery manufacturing, chemistry, egg production are important production branches. All of these sectors are working towards export. In addition, it is located in Çorum province with large production facilities such as cement and sugar factory.

Today, Çorum Sugar Plant and the Cement Plant are supplied by the highway and the shipment of approximately 5 million 150 thousand tons of product is produced by road. In addition, the annual truck requirement for the delivery of the products produced by our plant producing ceramics and sanitaryware and the supply of raw materials is around 5 thousand, and the transportation of approximately 150 thousand tons of products is carried out by road. The shipments of products such as tiles and bricks, flour, feed, eggs and chemicals, on average, deliver an average of 250 thousand trucks per year, namely 7 million 500 thousand tons of products and supplies. 1 million 178 thousand tons of imported products (wheat, timber, timber, cargo, flour, pipe, iron and steel etc.) imported from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan are the most actively used port of our region. transport to our suppliers in our province and other regions by heavy vehicles such as trucks.

Our industrialists in Çorum have set up turnkey factories all over the world today. Moreover, almost all of the machinery and equipment used in these factories are produced in Çorum.

For example, an industrialist Çorumlu, Turkey is in a different province or to build the world's flour mill to a different area though, with an average weight of between 180 to 200 tons of machinery and equipment, Corum has to move. This means shipping with the average 12-14 units. Corum and Samsun Port In this context, our cities, highways with a total of transported to various regions of Turkey 13 million tons aşmaktadır.b up the highway in our province in a city location that depend on transportation, demand all the institutions associated with the railroad, organization, profession room and Civil Society Organizations always kept on the agenda.

The existing railway network is located in Ankara-Kırıkkale-Çerikli-Yozgat-Sivas-Amasya-Samsun line and causes the road to extend 197. If the railway project including Çorum is implemented, the road will shorten the 197 mileage. High speed train project is projected by the Ministry of Transportation on the existing railway and Ankara, Yozgat, Sivas is transferred to Samsun and the route is extended by extending a half-moon route to avoid Corum. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the change made some rail routes during the Ottoman and Republican, who is planning economic transitions. For example, one of the stations where the existing railroad passes is Himmet Dede and the need of Nevşehir province will be met by making 50 km railway to Nevşehir.

On the other hand, if the Çorum railway is reached, the Ankara-Samsun railway is about 221 km. will be shortened, Corum'dan due to the trade and industry of our city will provide a significant advantage. In this way, the capital will be connected directly to the Port of Samsun and will be more easily accessible from Turhal and Amasya to the Capital.

The railway investment we demand is of great importance not only for our province but also for the provinces in our region. Amasya-Çorum-Kirikkale was a railway line that will be held between the 170 kilometers, Turkey to the north with the south will be a major investment in terms of linking.

Turkey is the most important ports in the Mediterranean Region Mersin Port. In the Black Sea Region, it is Samsun Port, which increases its capacity day by day and completes its modernization works. A profitable rail transport corridor to be established between Mersin Port and Samsun Port, that is, the north-south axis, will connect the two regions and at the same time reduce the freight traffic on the Straits. Merzifon district of Amasya province, which is located on the railway route, will also benefit greatly from the railway in terms of freight transportation. Manufacturing companies in Merzifon district meet all their logistics transportation needs by road, and the Ankara-Kırıkkale-Çorum-Samsun railway project has caused excitement among the producers in the district. The current railway network is on the Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas-Amasya-Samsun line and does not pass through Çorum. Considering the railway need of our province, it would be appropriate to carry out a railway project design study to cover Ankara-Kırıkkale-Çorum-Samsun provinces.


Planning a railway that will pass through Çorum and making an investment decision will add an important depth and breadth to the trade, industry and tourism potential of our city. kazanwill stop. At the same time, it will provide an important advantage for our university students in terms of transportation and Hitit University and Çorum will be a center of attraction. The added value that the railway will bring to the provincial economy, competitive advantage on the basis of transportation and business opportunities for investment and commercial life, the priority it will gain in investment decisions for the defense industry will have a significant impact on the level of development and development of the economy of our province. Factors such as the fact that Çorum does not have a railway, that there is no airport within the borders of our province, and that it is not connected to the highway networks are the main reasons why it ranks low among the provinces in the accessibility index.

In the accessibility index of Çorum, 2008 among provinces in 70 years. 49 in this order with the divided road falling to the kilometer while in the order. Raised to the queue. However, our province, especially the accessibility index, human capital and quality of life index, branding ability and innovation index, trade ability and production potential index (which is the highest index of 2008-2009 for the 27. . is located in.

With the contribution of the railway connection to the surrounding provinces, our exports are expected to increase by 6-7, and our annual exports of 250 million dollars will reach 1 billion 200 million dollars. This figure is expected to bring the 1 billion 500 million dollars plus exports from Amasya-Merzifon region.

The number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the places such as Hattusas, Shapinuva and Yazilikaya ruins which are the capital of the Hittite civilization are increasing every year. In addition to the ruins of the city in the archaeological excavations carried out in the city exhibited works in the city of Çorum 2011 in the year 125 thousand tourists visited.

It is expected that the number of tourists coming to our province will increase by at least 3-4.

All these data, the railway to Çorum province. kazanIt shows how positive developments will occur in case of With the awareness that there is an integrated transportation network and that civilization goes wherever it goes, first of all, the railway is going to our city. kazanRequired effort and sensitivity should be shown.

It is stated that the railway project is included in the 2023 vision and different explanations are made by the ministers of the government regarding the feasibility studies. It is important to inform the public about the current situation of the railway project and the timetable of the next process. Environmental impact assessment study is completed and it is important to complete all feasibility studies of Ankara-Çorum-Samsun railway and to be taken into investment program accordingly. With 2023 vision, the time is quite long.

The connection of our province and our region with the uniaxial existing transportation network and waiting for its development leads to the opening of the scissors with other provinces and regions.


In addition to the 2009 year in which the global economic crisis prevailed, Çorum has continuously increased its production and export figures. In addition, the export figures of some of our companies operating in our province but not in other provinces are not included in the export rate of our province. When we consider the exports of our companies operating in different sectors, it is seen that our city exports more than 300 million dollars annually. The machinery sector, which is the face flux of our industry, constitutes an important part of our exports. In addition, flour and egg production are also important export items of our province.

2009 million dollars in 68 in our province, 2010 million dollars in 65, 2011 million dollars in 115 and 2012 million dollars in 98 import was made.In the 2013 these figures increased even more. In the light of these data, the province of Corum is one of the provinces that give foreign trade surplus. Most of the annual imports are the machinery and equipment purchased by our industrial enterprises for their production facilities.

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