Renault 'Buy Now in May, Pay in 2015 and attractive deals (Photo Gallery)

📩 24/11/2018 12:35

Buy Now in May, Pay in 2015 and attractive opportunities in Renault: Renault offers its customers attractive opportunities in all passenger cars in May. The "Buy Now Pay in 2015" financing campaign offers interest rates of 48.000 percent for 24 months, 1.22 percent for 36 months, and 48 percent for 1.25 months.
31 Launch 2014TL, Clio 39.950TL, Captur 37.900TL, Fluence 41.200TL, Megane HB 56.100TL, Scenic 56.800TL and Latitude 49.000TL.
Renault customers are also offered the Maximum Credit Financing Campaign option, which is also valid for all passenger models. Within the scope of the campaign, 3 - 24 has 0.69 and 25 - 48 month maturities and 0.89 interest rates.
Customers who do not benefit from the campaigns that are valid in May can benefit from Cash Receiving Support. This opportunity is valid for all Renault passenger cars until 31 May 2014 date.
On the other hand, Kangoo, Master and Trafic models have the advantage of mod Commercial Vehicles Special Campaign Diğer. With this campaign, the 66.000TL loan amount and the maximum 48 month maturity option offer the 1.10 interest rate.

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