Call to read books at the station and on the train

At the station and on the train reading the book's appeal: Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) Mersin with children studying in the Education Unit of their parents and volunteers, reading a book in the train with Mersin and Adana railway stations, citizens were invited to read books.

TEGV Mersin Learning Unit continues its activities. TEGV Mersin Learning Unit, which carries out many studies for children, this time improved the reading habit. kazanHe organized a reading activity in the station and train. Children, parents and volunteers read at the station and on the train, inviting other people to read. Providing information about the event, TEGV Mersin Education Unit Supervisor Müberra Ateş said, "A society without child readers cannot have adult readers," and we set out with our children, parents and volunteers. We gathered about 50 people today. First of all, we opened a mini exhibition of pictures made by our children here. Our children, parents and volunteers sat in an area at Mersin Train Station and read a book. In addition, our children invited families and children waiting for the train to read by gifting them books.”

Stating that they continued their activities at Mersin Train Station for about 1 hour, Ateş said, “After our activity in Mersin, we went to Adana by train. On the train, our children, parents and volunteers read books and invited citizens to read. TEGV Adana Süleyman Özgentürk Learning Unit welcomed us at Adana Train Station. Again in Adana, children, parents and volunteers of both units sat in a field and read a book and invited people to read. We continued our activity by using the train on the way back. It has been a nice event for our children, parents and volunteers. We are happy if we have contributed a little in spreading the reading culture ”.

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