Announcement of Procurement: Preparation of Additional Plan with the Updating of Public Plan and Archive, Determination and Marking of Expropriation Limits Consultancy Services

Public Plan and Archive Update with Additional Plan Production, Identification and Marking of Expropriation Boundaries Consultancy Service Procurement
Ankara - Eskisehir - Bozuyuk DY, Ankara - Gerede - 1 - 0 - 000 + 260 - 451 - 0 - 000 - 290 - 675 - 4734 - 5 - XNUMX Service Procurement The candidates with sufficient experience are invited to apply for prequalification to submit a tender. In accordance with the provisions of XNUMX of the Law No. XNUMX with the participation of the bidders who will be invited to submit the tender by being listed shortly according to the criteria specified in the prequalification specification, among the ones determined as a result of the prequalification assessment shall be tendered by a tender procedure between certain bidders.
Tender Registration Number: 2014 / 45113
1 of Administration
a) Address: General Directorate of Highways İsmet İnönü Bulvarı No: 14 06100 Yücetepe ÇANKAYA / ANKARA
b) Telephone and fax number: 312 415 70 00 312 417 28 51 312 425 47
c) E-mail Address:
ç) Internet address where prequalification document can be seen:
2- Prequalification subject
a) Quality, type and quantity:
Approx. 551 km State Road and Provincial Road Route Expansion Plans and Archives Update with Additional Plan Generation, Expropriation Limits Detection and Marking Consultancy Service Procurement
Detailed information can be obtained from the administrative specification contained in the tender document in EKAP.
b) Location: Highways 4. Regional Directorate (ANKARA)
c) Duration of work: 1000 calendar day from the commencement date
3- Prequalification assessment
a) Location: General Directorate of Highways, A Block Ground Floor, Small Meeting Room, İsmet İnönü Bulvarı No: 14 06100 Yücetepe / ANKARA
b) Date and time: 22.05.2014 14: 30

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