President Toru inspects asphalt construction site

Mayor Toru inspected the asphalt construction site: Meram Mayor Fatma Toru, who examined the asphalt construction site belonging to the municipality, said, “According to the needs of our neighborhoods; Cold asphalt will be poured into places where cold asphalt needs to be poured, and hot asphalt will be poured into those that need to be poured. I hope our work continues so that there will be no streets without asphalt in our region ”.
Meram Mayor Fatma Toru supervised the production of the asphalt construction site in the Loras District owned by the municipality. Noting that the technical infrastructure activities in the district are continuing rapidly, Mayor Toru said, “We made an on-site determination in order to control the production in our asphalt construction site. Currently, our daily asphalt production capacity is around 1000 tons. Together with our teams, we plan on-site services in our neighborhoods. In this context, we have directed our production and daily capacity by pouring cold asphalt to places in need of cold asphalt and hot asphalt to places that need hot asphalt. I hope we will continue our work so that there will be no streets without asphalt in our region.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:26

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