District Governor Kuzulu takes the road

📩 24/11/2018 12:36

District Governor Kuzulu Handled the Ring Road: Kaplı district governor of Tekirdağ Aslı Aynaoğlu Kuzulu said that the ring road was planned to be put into service by the end of 2014 within the scope of the appropriation. Özlı, who met with Öztürk personally, Aslı Aynaoğlu Kuzulu, the District Governor, said, “As a result of the conversation I had with Asım bey, I received the information that the work continues on the ring road between the district and Saray. As part of the appropriation allocated this year, it is aimed to complete and open the ring road by the end of 1. it seems difficult to catch up this year.
In addition, due to the flood disaster that was effective in the Thrace Region in 2012, previously prepared projects had to be revised. This situation has caused the costs to increase even more. ”Governor Aslı Aynaoğlu Kuzulu, who stated that the opening of the ring road is of great importance for both Kapakli and neighboring districts, re-evaluates the project if the improvement of the project is made by the end of the year. The district governor Kuzulu stated that he would be a close follower of the issue and would inform the people of Kapaklı about any development.

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