Businessmen in Kars expects to take steps for logistics center and free zone

Businessmen in Kars expect to take steps for logistics center and free zone: Kars Caucasian Industrialists and Businessmen Association (KARSİAD) met with the board members of Kars Chamber of Commerce (KATSO) at a breakfast meeting. At the meeting where the steps to be taken for Kars were discussed, the agenda was the logistics center and the free zone. Businessmen stated that the logistics center's project has not yet been drawn, while the free zone is beyond imagination for its provinces.

The breakfast meeting that took place in the center of KARSİAD started with KATSO President Fahri Ötügen and KARSİAD President Sultan Murat Dereci expressing their sadness due to the painful incident in the Soma district of Manisa. Then breakfast was started. It was stated that the logistic center, which is said to be on the agenda after breakfast, and which will be laid during the 2012 elections, is not even drawn to the project.

KARSİAD Secretary General Fatih Baş said that they heard that the efforts were made for Kars to become a logistics center, and that they would work to finalize the Logistics center demands, which were made to a small extent in the first place. Afterwards, he stated that the Free Zone conditions could be analyzed and finalized in line with his contributions to Kars. Baş said, “As soon as we got a common call with KATSO, we will organize trips with a few that are the logistics center and free zone. We will get information from the businessmen there. And we will determine a road map accordingly. ” said.

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