Pegasus Plus Members Fly 30 Reduced Rates in Domestic with Fly-in Days

Pegasus Plus Members Fly with 30% Discount on Domestic Terminal Days: Pegasus Airlines continues its traditional "Flight Days" offers to Pegasus Plus members on selected routes on the first Thursday of every month.

Pegasus Plus members, who bought their tickets on 08-09 May within the scope of the "End Days" of May, fly to 1 domestic destinations on Pegasus' flight network between 24 July and 2014 July 30 with 30% discount.
Pegasus guests who want to turn July into a holiday opportunity to fly to 30 destinations at home, especially in holiday regions such as Bodrum, Dalaman, Antalya, which come to mind when they write in summer.’u can visit.

Pegasus too kazanTo become a member of the permanent flight program Pegasus Plus

Pegasus Plus, a guest loyalty program that brings a brand new approach to flight schedules with its cardless and free, continues to offer opportunities to its members. Guests who want to become a member of Pegasus Plus, Pegasus website and the mobile website,, or by sending the Name, Surname, and TC ID numbers to 7737. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a Pegasus Plus member at no cost. Pegasus guests between the ages of 2-18 can join the program by creating a affiliate membership through the account of a parent member over the age of 18.

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