Ovit tunnel brought abundance

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Ovit tunnel brought abundance: East Black Sea Development Agency Secretary General Sidewalk has gained great importance with its proximity to a very large project such as the Ovit tunnel opening to Erzurum behind the intersection of Trabzon and Rize provinces. "said

Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) East Black Sea Development Agency and Logistics Association organized by 3. National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress started in Trabzon. Participants in the opening, Soma also found a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. Karadeniz Technical University Dr. Osman Turan Congress Center, the convention began this morning with opening speeches academics who work in the logistics sector in Turkey will be presented papers in various sessions throughout the two days.

President of Logistics Association Dr. Gülçin Büyüközkan, noting that the first should focus on the efficiency of logistics and supply sector in Turkey 2012 in Konya, Aksaray and the future of the sector in 2013 2014 party gathered in Trabzon, said that work on planning. He explained that the main theme of innovation in Trabzon was the innovation.


  1. In the opening speeches of the National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu said that Trabzon has gained a great momentum in the logistics center activities. Hacısalihoğlu pointed out that the coordination of central administration is important in logistics centers and that there are five ministries related to the sector, the process should be accelerated, in order to catch up with the developments in the world, more clear steps should be taken regarding legal infrastructure and responsible ministry.

3 performed in Trabzon. National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress 100 presented in the academic statement on the structure of the future of the sector is very valuable in terms of structuring Hacısalihoğlu, innovations in presentations will be brought to the agenda and noted. . At the bottom, lowering costs in the supply chain from the production to the final consumer will be a simple competitive advantage. Today, production has shifted to China. With this shift, standards are changing. Logistics lines and transportation routes have changed. Laziness in production in developed countries makes these changes. Especially the fact that the social support in the European countries is excessive leads to changes in the production structures of those countries. Özellikle

In the continuation of his speech, he stated that Hacisihihoglu Trabzon, which informs the situation of the country and the region in the logistics sector, has taken its place in the history as the last point opened to the Black Sea and that the production of Europe is transferred to the east via this safest and shortest line. he reminded. Pointing out that security is very important here, Hacisalihoglu stated that Trabzon is one of the oldest cities in the world with the trade advantage on this line.


M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu stated that Trabzon is inevitable to be a logistics center and reminded that the Logistics Center, which completes the UM Trabzon Development Strategies- 2023, study, was considered as a title. excluding transfer stations Hacısalihoğlu underlines that the three major logistics centers in sorely needed in Turkey, said:

Dır Trabzon in the north, Mersin in the South and Tekirdağ in the West. These provinces are in important position with their neighbor countries and geographies. They provide serious advantages in transportation and competition. Trabzon is a safe and sustainable logistics center. Kaf1kaslara, the Turkish republics, a certain part of Russia, taking into account the logistic advantages of Iran. Kaf

Hacısalihoğlu pointed out that now countries can implement common combinations in logistics, such as sending NATO military forces in Afghanistan away to Trabzon and then to Germany by sea. It should be remembered that the most important element here is security. In the future, air transport will come to the forefront.

TTSO President pointed out that the logistics of time and security is very important M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu In this context, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union of Turkey is all border crossings in to modernize, it eliminates the loss of time and drew attention to the reduction of costs. He emphasized that besides the modernization of all the gates, new doors were added to the country.

Trabzon Logistics Center, Investment Island and Industrial Zone should be considered as a whole expressing Hacısalihoğlu, the steps taken by the accuracy of the steps noted. Hacısalihoğlu said: ı Our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had asked for a follow-up to the market and the demand for a follow-up to this market for Yatarım Island and Industrial Zone project, which he was very excited about. We have seen that the demand is very high in national and international studies that we have done so far. We expect the public to do the task. "


Secretary General of the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, one of the congress organizers, pointed out that the logistics and procurement, one of the three main sectors that stand out on a global scale, have reached around 15 trillion dollars.

Sidewalk, located at the intersection of logistics and supply chain geographically important that Turkey's geopolitical, energy, transportation and stressed that on the corridor until today not been given serious consideration. Under the 2023 strategy, 500 stated that the export figure is aimed at a billion dollars, and that export, transportation and high value added industrial products production strategies were also introduced. Pavement, in National development plans are being prepared to realize these targets. The 2014-20123 Regional Development Plan has been prepared. 2023 strategies, objectives Turkey's share of global economic markets and will be one of the world's top ten when the economy is linked to the logistics base, "he said.

DOKA Secretary General Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, highlighting the importance of being a hub for the logistics sector, emphasized that Trabzon is the center of its value and that the work with local actors in the 2010 was supported by examining the successful case studies in the international arena, and that the Logistics Master Plan was finally prepared. .

Expressing that these works carried out in the Eastern Black Sea region have been followed by other regions of the country, ifade As a result, the National Strategy in Logistics and Supply Industry is emerging bu.

Trabzon Logistics Center Project is presented to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, very accurate project is located between the border between Trabzon and Rize 0f- Iyidere position is positioned. Pavement, önem the intersection of the provinces of Trabzon and Rize behind the Ovit tunnel opening to Erzurum as a very big project has gained a very important importance. Hizmet It will provide functions and services at an international level between the Caucasus and the nearby and Central Europe in the near geography Avrupa.


Undersecretary of the DOKA General Secretary Undersecretary, emphasizing that the logistics centers are very old in foreign countries, pointed out that the new generation logistics centers are on the agenda, the provision of supply and transportation services has become a priority, the competition has increased and the function of the new generation logistics centers has increased. .

Expressing that the examples in the countries that are important as logistics centers are examined, Kalkım emphasizes that the example of Germany is ideal among the new generation logistics centers. Pavement, said:

A Germany example 20 meter sea depth of the port, immediately between the storage centers, production centers, service sectors, living spaces, such as multi-functional centers supporting each other came to the fore. A similar study was also examined in Dubai. The logistics center, which was not shown at the beginning, was very successful in time and the world's largest 6. It became a logistics center. Supported by airport and highway. ”


General Secretary Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, stating that Trabzon has a strong infrastructure in terms of logistics, there is a lack of a rail link being discussed, ım Trabzon airport 2. With the runway will expand. Giresun and Rize airports are also available. The Black Sea Coast Road has been a serious infrastructure on the east-west axis. North-south axis is under construction. In this sense railway is very important for the region. It will be feasible. There's an incredible infrastructure here. One of the next generation logistics centers will be established here. Böl The investment island and the industrial zone will be realized here, in terms of the production center, which will operate in parallel with each other, Bir he said.

Rector of Karadeniz Technical University Dr. Suleyman Baykal, 3. KTÜ, the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, and the Logistics Association, together with the Karad Information Generators and Market Regulators iri, convened at the National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress. I believe that solutions to the problems will be brought and innovations will be carried to the country. Sor


Deputy Governor of Trabzon Halil Ibrahim Ertekin'de, National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress 3.ününü be very important in Trabzon, he said. He underlined that Trabzon is a city that has perceived and learned the importance of this sector. Ertekin, "Trabzon is a province with a logistics accumulation," he said.

Reminding that the road, airway and maritime position of Trabzon is very important, he said that Trabzon is being used as a base for the transportation of NATO military equipment from Afghanistan. Norway requested. Maybe it will use in the US. Turkey, however, as we are not where we want logistics on a global scale. This congress will be very useful for our country so that we can organize better in this sector in order to gain innovations and competitive advantages in the sector Sektör.

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