Overpass discussion in Giresun City Council

Giresun City Council overpass discussion: The meeting with the AK Party Group and the Mayor Kerim Aksu and some CHP council members had a discussion of the decision.
Giresun Municipality May meeting in parliament held a parade discussion. May is the month of May in the Municipal Assembly Meeting Hall 2. council meeting, Highways Directorate overpass project was discussed in the city council. Ak Party Group and the Mayor Kerim Aksu and some CHP members of parliament discussed the decision.
Mayor Kerim Aksu stated that his personal decision was against overpasses and said: u I am on level crossing. I'm definitely on the way with the lamp. There's an ugliness in the city. I say that if you do not do the level lamp, do not call us to send the project of the overpass, but we can not get the project even though we request. An official institution cannot receive a project from another official institution. Is that something like that? I told you last week I'm telling you that the legal process will definitely begin. The reason why we refuse the demand of highways on this issue is that the work is finished and now it is us to plan it. I say I do the plan, but you tell me what to do first, send your project. We do not get a result from the official correspondence that we have been doing for two years. Personally, I say enough highways.
Acting together with our former governor Dursun Ali Sahin on the construction of the disabled lifts to the upper gates, we decided to make the disabled elevator of an overpass as the governorate, but we received a rejection in the correspondence we made about the lifts on the highways, even if you care about them. One day we will all go from this position. We are not permanent but all decisions we make here should be in the interest of the city and the people. Kal
Hasan Ali Tütüncü, Deputy Chairman of AK Party Municipal Assembly Group, said, “Let's make an initiative about highways in the overpass. So no matter how much you want, these overpasses will definitely not be lifted. "Its location may change, it can be moved, but at least let's make an attempt to improve the overpasses in the current situation."
After the brief discussions and speeches, the unanimity of the request for the processing of highways to the plan was unanimously accepted.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:25

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