New trains in France 1 number big came

New trains in France 1 number was too big: the 2 bin train car, which the French National Railways Administration (SNCF) ordered and delivered for regional transport in the country, did not fit into the platform.

The 3 station will be rebuilt for trains, which are now widely used in 1.300 centimeters.

300 million euro damage
According to the French press, the Ministry of Transport has allowed manufacturers to expand the volume of cars by 40 centimeters to increase passenger capacity by a percentage of 22. However, no audit was performed at any station while this was allowed. Due to the fact that the new wagons that were ordered were unable to approach the platforms at the thousand 300 small train stations, it was necessary to go to renovations. The cost of renovations can reach 300 million euros. The Ministry of Transport demanded an internal investigation of the scandal at the National Railway Administration. Le Figaro newspaper, the cost of renovation from the sources of SNCF'nın will be met, the scandal will not bring an additional burden on the state wrote.

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