Nemrut road will be flooded

📩 21/12/2018 17:26

Nemrut road will be flooded: Adıyaman Pütürge will be built in the villages dam to prevent the passage of Nemrut, Kahta land will water
The villages, bridges and the highway will be under water with the Büyükçay dam near Tepehan Town
The dam project, which will not only block the investments made by Malatya to Adiyaman's Nemrut Mountain, but will completely disable the Malatya road, has been deciphered. Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant to be built on Büyükçay near Tepehan and the lands in Kahta district will be irrigated. Malatya by the Nemrut Mountain and bridges that provide access to the road will be under water. Thus, since the 1980 of Malatya, the highway providing transportation to Nemrut Mountain will be buried in history.
The Büyükçay Dam and Hydro Power Plant (HEPP), planned to be built in Tepehan town of Pütürge district, were discovered by Adıyaman secretly and without the knowledge of the local residents and the provincial administrators of Malatya. People living in Tepehan and surrounding villages said, a dam will be built, we asked from Malatya. This dam has no use for us or our region. We couldn't understand who took this dam. Kim
It is located on Büyük Çay which is a branch of Kahta Creek, southeast of 4 Kilometers of Tepehan town of Malatya-Pütürge district. 12.322 hectares area with large tea Project is aimed to produce 30 GWh energy per year with watering and 84MW Board power. The great tea dam is in the 79 m height and the 4,06 hm³ filling volume. the total reservoir volume is 147,69 hm³. The tender for the dam and HEPP was made on 16.11.2011 and the contract was signed on 21.06.2012. It is stated that the Büyük tea Dam and HEPP Project, which is claimed to be of great importance for Adıyaman-Kâhta, is aimed at irrigation of the 123 bin 220 decar area.
They never asked MALATYA.
Pafurge town of Tepehan in the town of Arhalan and Yeşildere 4 to be planned to be done in the dam and HEPP planned for the planning of the work, while the Dam and HEPP project was carried out by DSI Kahramanmaras Regional Directorate and Adiyaman Branch Directorate learned. Adıyaman kept the dam secret, while not informing the citizens in the relevant institutions in Malatya infuriated villagers. The villagers said acak The dam will be built and your villages and land will be under water. When to do, what will be our situation. There is no complete information. Why do not the relevant institutions in Malatya inform us about the dam to be built on the Malatya territory? Lar
Adıyaman MPs and political organizations with the Dam project Adiyaman with a stone will hit one of the 2 birds with one stone. First, Tepehan and his villages will be inundated, and the collected water will irrigate the lands in the town of Kahta. The important thing is that the 2 bridge, which provides access to Nemrut Mountain from Malatya, will be under water. Thus, Malatya will be blocked to reach Nemrut Mountain. Adiyaman is thought to have prepared this dam project in order to disable the highway. With this project being deciphered, the reaction against the dam in Tepehan region started to emerge. Malatya Governor's Office and Metropolitan Municipality and Pütürge Municipality are unaware of the project.
Büyükkay dam near the Tepehan and even the villagers from the hydroelectric power plant (HES), Adıyaman MPs Adıyaman villages Adalı, Akalın, Aktaş, Beşikli, Cumhuriyet, Çamlıca, Dardağan, Dikenli, Eskişehir, Geldibuldu, Göçeri , Güdülge, Hasköy, İkizce, Karataş, Corlu, Tuğlu, Ulupınar, Yenikuşak, Yeşilkaya, Arili, Belenli, Belören, Boztarla, Buyukbey, Cakirmeme, Caybasi, Fıstıklı, Güzelçay, Habibler, Hacıyusuf, İslamköy, Karacaören, Köseler, Narsýrtı, Ortanca , Ovacık, Susuz, Şahintepe, Şenköy, Akdoğan, Akkavak, Akkus, Bostanli, Bozpinar, Buyukbag, Cardak, Ekinci, Erikli, Gokce, Gölgeli, Hasandigin, Narince, Siraca, Teknecik, Yaprakli, and Narlıdere villages will be irrigated.
Adiyaman deputy and AK Party group vice president Ahmet Aydin said in a statement esi construction and the project is very important for Adiyaman Koçali Dam, Gömikan Dam, Besni Dam, Büyükçay Dam HEPP Project, Çetintep Dam, Bebek I and Aslanoğlu units and Çelikhan Irrigation projects We are following the developments in terms of serious, Büyükçay Dam HEPP project is within the scope of Adıyaman-Kâhta Project and the project will provide irrigation of the agricultural land of 123.220 decares. Project general layout plan which is the basis of planning report has been approved teşkil.
When the Büyükçay Dam HEPP Project near Tepehan is completed, villages and hamlet houses will be inundated with the 2 highway bridge between the Tepehan-Büyüköz village to the Nemrut Mountain. While the voices against Tepehan are rising, Malatya MPs, Political Parties and Mayors are asked to comment on the issue.

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