Transportation protest from Muşta students

Transportation protest from Mushta students: Around the Mush-Kulp highway, around 100 students protest the transportation problem
Due to the small number of buses in the university line, the students were late for classes and the buses were stuffed and the students started to walk on the Muş-Kulp highway to solve their problems.
In order to prevent the intercity highway from being closed to transportation, the students walking up to Kızılağaç Intersection under the control of the gendarmerie were not allowed to enter the city by the riot police affiliated with the Muş Police Department.
Due to the intense security measures taken by the police at the entrance of the city for a while students, then made a press release.
Yasin Kurt, one of the students who stated that they had problems on their way to and from the university due to transportation difficulties, said, “We had to take action because the problems were not resolved. On the way to school, we have to ride back to back. We have a lot of trouble as the number of buses in the university line is insufficient. For this reason, we are taking action to make our voices heard. ”
After the press release, the students disbanded.

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