Minibuses in action against subway

Minibuses in the action against the metro: Esenler-Topkapı minibus tradesmen who work in the minibus Saraçhane Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor closed the contact. After the construction of the Aksaray-Kirazlı metro and metrobus, there is a significant decrease in the number of passengers, and 193 has been waiting in front of the building in 06: 00.

Esenler-Topkapı line of minibus tradesmen metrobus and Aksaray-Kirazlı after the construction of subway construction on the grounds that a reduction in the number of passengers in front of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sarachane made action. 06: 00 minibus in front of the municipality in the 193: XNUMX waters in the morning, closed the contact in front of the building. A team of people waiting in front of the building, met with the municipal authorities to explain the grievances. While the negotiations were in progress, minibuses continued to wait in the grass in front of the city hall.


Esenler minibus and chauffeurs chairman Hasan Ayar stated that they didn't get the result they wanted from the meeting organized by the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) yesterday. X They've been stalling us for the 2 year. We have been meeting with 7-8 for months. We couldn't come to a conclusion. Distribution was to be made to eliminate the grievances of the tradesmen. When he did not leave UKOME yesterday, tradesmen did not even listen to us, he came to the municipality in search of his right D.


Setting the meeting with the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş. We always see it as distraction. I am not in a position to say 'Go'. He's gonna sleep here in front of the house. At least we don't have the costs, we're thinking about waiting here. En Stating that they are not against the subway construction, Tuning said, istasyon We are not against the subway, but there was the 3 subway station in Esenler, now it is on 7. Nobody works. Victimuzuz Mağ he said.


While the action of the minibus shopkeepers in front of the municipality, security forces took security measures around the building.

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