Metrobüste Free Wireless Internet Period Has Started

Metrobüste Free Wireless Internet era has begun: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, started to provide free wireless internet service in metrobuses.

The good news of "Wireless internet and USB charging boxes for Metrobuses" given by Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality before the local elections came true.

From now on, it will be sufficient for metrobus passengers to connect to the "IETT Metrobus" network to connect to the internet from their mobile devices.

Metropolitan Municipality, recently bought buses and metrobus to charge the mobile devices had also put USB ports.


Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, made a statement on February 149, when 4 new buses to serve on the Anatolian side of Istanbul were taken on the trip, and stated that the buses will also have a camera system with the option of wireless internet and mobile phone charging compartment.


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