How to use free internet in metrobuses

How to use free internet in metrobuses: Good news came to those who used the metrobus almost every day and those who went from one end of Istanbul to another. With the project jointly prepared by IETT and Istanbul Municipality, it was announced that the period of free internet in metrobuses started.

Good news for those who use metrobus every day! The era of free internet has begun in the metrobus… Most of the residents of Istanbul, which is one of the most populous cities in the world with a population of more than 10 million, use public transportation every day to go to work and school. Perhaps the most popular of these public transportation vehicles is metrobuses. Now, we have good news for those who have to use the metrobus almost every day. IMM, which previously brought free interaction to IETT buses and some squares of Istanbul, announced that the free interaction period has started in metrobuses. After that, those traveling on the metrobus will be able to use the free internet during the journey by connecting to the wireless network called 'IETT Metrobus' from their mobile devices. You will not be asked for any password while connecting to the network.



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