Asphalt Mobilization from Mersin Metropolitan Municipality

Asphalt Mobilization from Mersin Metropolitan Municipality: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality poured 700 tons of asphalt in Kargıpınarı quarter. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz stated that the asphalt works will continue throughout the province.
With the arrival of the summer months, asphalt pavement studies in the province of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the Department of Science Affairs teams, Kargıpınarı Mediterranean Street in the scope of the asphalting studies carried on 700 ton asphalt poured. Providing information about the asphalt works of the Metropolitan Mayor Kocamaz, 30 as soon as the office after the date, the center, district, towns and villages where the asphalt deficiencies are identified, and carried out asphalting studies in this direction, he said.
Kargıpınarı'nda damaged roads in the road asphalt continues to work now and the citizens will not end up in a short time to express the husband can not survive, so that people living in this region in the dust of the summer, in the winter will get rid of mud. With the new law, every part of the metropolitan area is a district of Mersin for us. The same works will continue in the regions where the province is needed. I would like to give you the good news of our projects that we prepared before the election to modernize and improve our city, and that it will come to life soon. In the coming 5 year, Mersin will reach a very different dimension. We will see this together. Bunu

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