Tree massacre for Marmaray

Tree massacre for Marmaray: The tree cutting for the Yenimahalle station of Marmaray was stopped upon the reaction of the residents of Bakırköy.
Many trees have been cut since the morning hours in the Yenimahalle district of Bakırköy, stopping the work machines instead of cutting.

An official from the Bakırköy Municipality stated that they sent a team from the Directorate of Municipal Police to the area of ​​the complaint and said, lüğü Cutting the road for Marmaray's Yenimahalle station. Forestry also allowed to cut wood, the Ministry of Transport is a project for the municipality can do, ine he said.

Bakırköy resident Adem Can against the slaughter, said today they came to the scene around the clock 14 dik When we arrived on the 100 tree was cut. We were about 10, we stopped the dozers, but they will continue tomorrow. Yaklaşık

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