Bridge Reaction of the Neighborhood

📩 24/11/2018 12:33

Bridge Response of the Neighborhood: Buğdaylı neighborhood residents of Kayseri, due to a bridge that was not completed for nearly a year, closed the road to traffic for a while due to being late for their work and schools.
In the morning, the town of Kocasinan connected to the road on the way to the neighborhood of Buğdaylı neighborhood closed the traffic in front of the bridge residents, State Railways by the bridge can not be opened for a year, he said.
Residents told the authorities that they could not get a clear answer for the solution, leri We learned that there was an error of 2 meters on the bridge. This would not have been the case if the engineers had been on-the-job when the work was done. Due to the bridge that has been in operation for almost a year, we are victimized. Students who work in schools are late for work. Those who are late are also experiencing difficulties in their workplaces. Geç
Neighborhood residents, the bridge to be completed as soon as possible waiting for the authorities to open the service said.

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