The Dinere told the crashing moment of the station

The restaurant manager told about the crash moment of the station: Adıgüzel Vurmaz, who runs a restaurant opposite the high-speed train station in the Arifiye district of Sakarya, told about the crash moment at the station.

The restaurant owner Adıgüzel Vurmaz, who witnessed the moment of collapse at the high-speed train station, said, “3 workers were between the wires, one was in the mortar, his head is buried inside. Another worker had an iron in his feet, we took him off, ”he said.

Indicating that he gave food to the workers during the accident, Korkmaz said, “The contractor was jealous of the mold. He is building a 20-meter pier made of wood here. Is there such nonsense. He has neither helmet nor boots on his feet, nothing. "The result was like that," he said.



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