We are delayed in logistics

We are delayed in logistics: The President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association A. Hamdi Gürdoğan stated that new lines, new facilities and new transfer stations should be made between Russia and Turkish Republics and reminded the key to economic regional development. Emphasizing that the most important problem of the region is unemployment, Gürdoğan said, demiryolu The solution to this is to start the development move by completing the railway and logistics infrastructure as soon as possible. In the 2023 target Turkey's Trabzon bridge will be crucial in this respect, "he said.

Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB), stated that the need for new lines, new opportunities and new transfer stations should be built between Russia and the Turkic Republics, and argued that the salvation of East Black Sea and Trabzon was through logistics infrastructure.

Gürdoğan, in his written statement, the most important problem of Trabzon, which is the most important problem in the solution point of unemployment centers, the transfer of trade centers, the creation of transfer stations, adding that the new lines, new opportunities between Russia and the Turkic Republics should be made new transfer stations, he said.

Emphasizing that the most important target of DKİB is railway, Gürdoğan said, “There is a railway in Batumi and a customs terminal is built there. They made a deal with us. The railroad is currently connecting to China. We want to revise this railway as an Eastern Black Sea-Asia railway and connect as a region. This is our new target. ”

Gurdogan, said that Turkey should act seeing changes made by the neighbors, he continued: "We must act seeing changes made by the side of the neighboring country. Because the salvation of the Eastern Black Sea and Trabzon passes through the logistics infrastructure. We can easily say that the cargo from Europe will pass through the use of this region as a hub. The most important indicators of this are NATO's use of Trabzon Port to transfer its loads and the big tonnage turbines going to Turkmenistan go to Turkmenistan through the road we have opened from Hopa Port for now. This is the biggest indicator of the justification of our case. This is going to ports in Turkey in 2023 with the aim of connecting to existing railways will be the most important bridge in Trabzon "

Pointing out that the future of the world is in Asia, Gürdoğan said, “The most important transition place to Asia and the Caucasus is the Eastern Black Sea Region. We need to know how to make the necessary arrangements in this region. Hong Kong generates $ 850 billion in foreign trade revenue without any production. The fact that we are in a strategically important region clearly shows that we need to act as soon as possible. The signing of the ministers of the two countries in all the agreements we have signed as DKİB is an indication that we are not doing anything but "

Stating that there is a great need for workers in the Russian Federation and that the work there is still done by Ukraine and the Poles, DKİB President Gürdoğan said: “We Turks are only doing temporary work there. In the Turkic Republics, we have none. After Sochi is closed, we are having trouble in Novorossisk. Our condition there was closed. We do alternative market research. Within the scope of the project we developed as DKİB, we opened the Kazbegi-Lars door a year ago. So you enter Russia 500 kilometers after Sarp. There, certain agreements were made with the authorities of the Republic of Ossetia. After 750 kilometers, you can go to Caspian. We currently have a pass certificate problem. We are trying to solve this problem. Our trucks started to go to Kazakhstan from the new road over the Caspian Sea, namely the upper road of the Caspian in 4 days ”

Sochi to open the door stating that the purpose of the alternative Gurdogan, as a result of their work in this regard between Turkey and Russia, "Simplified Customs Line Application" was reminiscent of the agreement signed.

Gürdoğan stated that new projects of Muratlı-Sarp Gate have been released and certain projects have been made about them, and that they are doing a project with the Ministry of Economy and they are thinking of bringing ships from Volga and putting a ferry from Mahackale to Turkmenistan.

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