Village Group Roads Hot Asphalt

Hot Asphalt to Village Group Roads: Hot asphalt works have started on the 2014-kilometer Büyük Saka-Belkavak-Ahiler group road, which was included in the 17 investment program of Kütahya Special Provincial Administration.
Kutahya Provincial General Assembly Speaker Musa Yilmaz, Provincial Special Administration Deputy Secretary General Murat Koyak, examined the road work on the spot.
Director of General Directorate of General Assembly Musa Yilmaz, who received technical information from the road and transportation manager Süleyman Aslan, the contractor firm Bülbüloğlu officials, stated that they have reached the hot asphalt stage in group roads. Yilmaz, about 30 village in the region of Döver and the cities of Kırka said that transportation is now safer and more comfortable.
Musa Yilmaz, 2 for years and infrastructure changes in the work done so that the troubles are experienced, but the happy ending is noted.



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