A pit formed on the highway 1 meters deep

A 1 meter deep pit was formed on the highway: Zonguldak, Zonguldak district of Zonguldak, a 1 meter deep pit was formed on the Istanbul highway.
Zonguldak-Eregli highway at the location of the Kavaklık neighborhood in the evening around a diameter of one centimeter diameter of a diameter of 40 was opened. Security measures were taken on the road where some citizens reported the situation to the police and the police. Traffic is given in a single lane, the pit was closed to notify the highways teams.
Zihni Gürle, who is the manager of the canteen in the sports center of the Youth and Sports District Directorate, said that he realized the pit opened during the crossing of the road and said that he immediately reported the police and police. . I was crossing the street. First, the road seemed wet. Looked not wet, there was a crash. As a sensitive citizen, I first called the police, then I called the police. They came right away. They put the dubal on the road and transferred the necessary information to the necessary places. If we prevented an accident, we were happy if we could save a life Bir.
The pit in the road was closed by sand and filled with sand by the authorities of the Ereğli District Police Department.



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