Karakurt: Accidents on Road Construction and Station Work Continues on Increasing

Karakurt: High Speed ​​Rail Road Construction and Station Work Accidents continue to increase.United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Chairman Nazım Karakurt, high-speed rail road construction, work in the station and gar work continues to increase by the accident, he said.

United Transportation Employees Union (BTS) Chairman Nazım Karakurt said that work accidents continue increasingly in high speed train road construction, station and station works. Karakurt said, “With the transformation of the business murder that occurred in Soma into massacre, it is known to everyone that the relevant ministries and institutions have neglected. When we look at this, we invite TCDD to fulfill its responsibility during this high speed train road construction. ”

“While the liquidation and privatization works under the name of restructuring works on railways have been continuing uninterruptedly for the last 15 years, business security has lost its reliability more than ever before, as it has been on the agenda of the country, while witnessing major accidents with death, Karakurt said in his written statement:

“Lastly, according to the information we received as a result of the collapse of the building during the construction of Arifiye High Speed ​​Train Station on 29.05.2014; 6 workers were injured and it was learned that these workers were in good health.

2013 accident occurred on the railways in the sum of the number of fatalities of 147 and the number of casualties from passenger-personnel and other persons as 55 accidents. In the light of these data, it can be seen how big the accident rate in our railways is.

In recent times, many accidents occurred during the construction of high-speed train lines. Workers as subcontractors have suffered from fatal events resulting in fatalities and injuries, as the institution and the related firm did not take necessary occupational health and safety measures.


According to the Labor Law, employers are obliged to take all necessary precautions to ensure occupational health and safety in their workplaces, to keep their tools and equipment uncompromised, and workers are obliged to comply with all kinds of precautions regarding occupational health and safety.

It is a legal obligation that the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, DHMI and TCDD, receive occupational health and safety services, establish boards in this field, take necessary safety precautions, and train their personnel periodically. When the subject is examined in terms of institutions and when education programs and occupational standards are compared, it is seen that the education given within the scope of GENERAL OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SAFETY issues meets the supervisory provisions of the NATIONAL STANDARD but in the real sense, the necessary training is not given in the issues related to the safety of navigation in the relevant institutions, especially on the railways.

It is another priority to ensure the safety of the high speed train under all conditions. However, as seen in the earthquake felt from Istanbul, the last center of which is Çanakkale, there are no regulations and orders regarding how to act in the event of an earthquake that would endanger trains running on the Marmaray line, on the other hand, the initiative is left to the personnel in case of such a negativity. However, there should be clear regulations and orders regarding what to do in case of such a negativity, and a mechanism should be established to ensure that the train is automatically locked without being left to the initiative of the staff. On the other hand, in order to prevent the loss of life and property in case of a possible earthquake, it is necessary to contact TCDD's Kandilli Observatory in order to implement an application in the event of an earthquake.


Many warnings about occupational health and safety have been made by our union so far and necessary measures have been taken in matters that threaten the security of navigation. Even though it is said that enough measures have been taken so far in the institutions, many accidents occurred during the last year especially during the construction of high-speed train, and caused the deaths and injuries of our citizens working as subcontractors.


The responsibility for this painful situation in the railways is the management approach which, despite the insistence of our union, does not take the necessary preventive work security measures, insists on our demands and ignores our warnings. Our union has repeatedly warned and written so far and has requested the necessary preventive security measures to be taken.


Especially during the construction of high-speed trains, large construction companies are contracted by many subcontractors. Since the colleagues working here are flexible and unregistered and overworked and the necessary occupational health and safety measures are not taken, the fatal and injured accidents have been increasing in recent years.

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