IZBAN every day 20 bin is preventing the private car from getting into traffic

İZBAN prevents 20 thousand private cars from entering the traffic every day: Samet Şen from Ege University Engineering Faculty Civil Engineering Department, Assoc. Dr. His graduation thesis titled "Izmir Suburban System Before & After Study" prepared by Yalçın Alver revealed that 37 percent of İZBAN passengers are private car owners. Accordingly, nearly 20 thousand private car owners or partners prefer İZBAN instead of using them. Thus, while reducing traffic congestion and fuel consumption, it also helps prevent environmental pollution.

The traffic relief in Altınyol, which connects the northern region of İzmir with the center, shows that the parking lots in front of the stations are constantly filled as the most important evidence when connecting to this feature of İZBAN. In particular, Mavişehir and Aliaga stations in front of the car park is hard to find. 55 percent of the private car owners participating in the survey once a week, 20 two three, 21'i four five days they said they preferred İZBAN.

On the other hand, shortly after IZBAN started to work in 30 August 2010, the workplaces in Çiğli and Aliağa organized industrial zones also disabled personnel services. The implementation of the facilities that distribute public transport cards to its employees based on the ease provided by IZBAN has also ensured a significant reduction of road vehicle traffic in the northern region.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 18:49

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  1. Truly heartfelt thanks to the researchers. But what has been detected is something new, not the reinvention of the wheel. But very important, useful; That is to say - then, with visual behavior impairment, who almost even try to go to the toilet by car - our behavior can also change. According to the known; This number will increase even more in the upcoming period. As the elements of the Verbund / Integrated system come into play, as the entrance to the city becomes more difficult, the parking fees are increased, the P + R (Park & ​​Ride) car parks at the suburban stations are built, the more these tendens will increase ... .: NewYork, Berlin, Paris, London…) or small city (Zurich, Erlangen, Freiburg, Nice,…). This is a system issue. The important thing is to be able to create this system… It is not just simply imitating, but to learn, see, examine, digest, analyze, create a model, to realize the project by combining common features, necessary and beneficial aspects within a concept… It has to be like this.
    But, the fact is that even for a community that has not yet experienced İZBAN, we have not been able to organize the stroke / riding work as it should be! Still more like a flock of sheep, piling up in front of the door, wanting to ride, stopping those who descend ya This situation is either regulated by technical systems (which is not preferred), or through the organization and coordination of people-oriented system, or We couldn't even handle the last one! This is a WHOLE and the system requires integrated thought (: total system). So just buy it from the server, go see it somewhere and just don't tip it!
    Where the human factor does not have the habit of this, where the human factor, the easiest thing in the world, people with the highest inertia, routing, it is to automate. He is an adept on this subject. He takes the young man who doesn't know how to say hello to the soldier. You salute the garbage bucket day and night for a week. After all the conditioned soldier sees the drop, the khaki colored trash can and his friends, the hand goes to his hat automatically. In fact, the problem of stroke / riding can be solved in this way ve In fact TRAFFIC problems and chaos are solved in this way, but when asked, when a correct and reasonable system is created çöz There is no need to rediscover the wheel!