İZBAN Karşıyaka The occupation at the station is over

İZBAN Karşıyaka The occupation at the station is over: struggling to find lasting solutions to the pavement invasion and pestle problem in the district Karşıyaka Municipality, İZBAN after the cafes street in Bostanlı Karşıyaka He also grabbed the upper part of his station. The stalls preventing the passage of citizens were removed. President Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said, "We will take decisive steps for our citizens to use the squares and pavements freely.


Considering the intensive complaints of citizens Karşıyaka Municipal police teams, the station region to intervene in the vandal and to intervene to save. The study was carried out jointly with the municipal police teams and security units. Without legal permission, mobile benches selling under unhealthy conditions were confiscated. After the region was made suitable for the use of citizens, police teams and security forces began to guard.

”We are decided, we will resolve“

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said that they are determined to solve the pavement invasion and pestle problem which has become a bleeding wound of the district. Akpınar said, alarak We are making arrangements in this regard by taking into consideration the complaints of our citizens. Our primary goal is to solve the problem with consensus. After that, our citizens will walk more easily on the square and sidewalks. ”


Karşıyaka The municipality first addressed the problem of pavement occupation in Bostanlı, and the spread of cafes and restaurants on the pavement was prevented in a way that prevented the passage of citizens.

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