ITU Starts to Take Students to Rail Systems Engineering Graduate Program

Students will start to take the Master Program in Rail Systems Engineering to ITU: The students started to accept the program of Rail Systems Engineering in Istanbul Technical University. The studies about rail systems engineering in our country, under the name of the Railways Chair, will be held at 1795 i started with Hümâyûn. Then, conventional railways with the establishment of young Republic of Turkey has experienced its golden age. Increased speed train investments in Turkey in When Present point last year and Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and other major cities in the metro, light rail systems and the introduction of the street tram and rail systems in that it continues to enter shows will be increased demand for engineering. Considering this increasing demand and the request from the top management of TCDD, it was decided to open the Master of Science Program in Rail Systems Engineering in İTÜ. In 2013, the program approved by YÖK will start taking students from the fall semester of 2014-2015 academic year.

Considering that a significant portion of our country's investment budget will be spent for the construction of rail systems in the coming years, İTÜ Rail Systems Engineering Master's Program will be able to conduct research to advance the science of es Rail Systems ğ at national and international level; The aim of the project is to train graduates who will take part in projects in our country and in Europe as well as in public and private institutions, and to train graduates who will work towards the advancement of this profession. Students from different disciplines, including construction, machinery, electricity, electronics and control engineering, will participate in research and consultancy projects under the supervision of a strong faculty, and their participation in national and international meetings will be encouraged.


The mission of the ITU Railway Systems Engineering Program is to train qualified and competent graduates who will contribute to the development of the economy and the economy of the country in terms of passenger and cargo transportation by rail systems, one of the key sectors of social development and industrialization.


ITU Rail Systems Engineering Graduate Program

To keep the education quality at the highest level by continuously following the developments in the rail system engineering in the world,
To be a leading program that will provide sustainable trainings on public and private institutions and public sector rail systems engineering, and to carry out consultancy activities to train professionals who will contribute to the advancement of the profession,
Rail systems engineering subject in all disciplines related to the lack of trained Turkey taken to meet the needs of R & D personnel,
To pioneer in developing, supporting and maintaining the necessary research infrastructure in educating academic staff who will make research and publication to contribute to the advancement of the science of rail system engineering.

is located in ITU's academic life with its vision.

Educational Objectives

Students who have completed ITU Rail Systems Engineering Master Program

Gain the ability and habit to follow developments in the world about rail system engineering,
Learn the fundamentals necessary to apply and develop basic information, concepts and new technologies in rail systems engineering in R & D activities,
Will have the necessary infrastructure to create research and publications to contribute to the advancement of science

and specialize in a field determined in rail systems engineering.

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