Shocked to Istanbul people from tomorrow to the industry and Seyrantepe metro 4 no month

The shock of the people of Istanbul from the industrial and Seyrantepe metro 4 no moon: Istanbul Metro-Seyrantepe stations between the metro services, 3. 20 May 2014 will not be available for 4 month since Tuesday due to Metro Tunnel construction.

Between the stations of Seyrantepe-Sanayii Mahallesi 3. Metro Tunnel is coming. The 9 minute interval will fall below the 4 minute.

During the 4 month, passengers will be transported free of charge with the IETT bus between 06: 00 and 00: 00 at night between the stations of Sanayi Mahallesi-Seyrantepe.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro Line between the Industrial District-Seyrantepe Stations 3. 20 May 2014 launches Metro Tunnel on Tuesday.

Thanks to the tunnel that will reduce the 9 time interval below 4 minutes, Taksim-Seyrantepe / Hacıosman-Seyrantepe travel time will be reduced to 2 minutes in TT Arena. 3. Passenger capacity between Metro Tunnel and Taksim-Seyrantepe stations will be 24 per hour and 60 will be increased to 1000 thousand.

During the study between the industry-Seyrantepe station between the morning 06: 00 00: 00: XNUMX hours will be made free with IETT buses.

2 buses will be operated at the busiest hours of the week on the weekdays, while the 1 buses will be used at each time of the week.

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