Don't be afraid of intermodal transport

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Intermodal Transport From the Fear: Management Islands with Board members and Mersin in the public and in a series of visits to the NGO officials UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, at a meeting held with the participation of transport and logistics companies, appealed to road transport firms, "Growing Turkey ' Intermodal transport companies will not cause a decrease in the volume of business "he said.
The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers (UTİKAD) Board of Directors meeting was held in Mersin under the chairmanship of Turgut Erkeskin. Before the meeting, the UTIKAD delegation met with local authorities, members and senior executives and representatives of the companies operating in Mersin.
UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin and Board of Directors members Kaan Gürgenç, Kosta Sandalcı, Hacer Uyarlar, Mehmet Ali Emekli, Kayıhan Özdemir Turan, Emre Eldener and General Manager Cavit Uğur, UTIKAD Delegation, the public and civil society organizations within the scope of Mersin Region visited and exchanged views.
During the visits, the issues related to the logistics potential and development areas of Mersin, which are considered to be the logistics base of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, have the advantages of transportation and logistics in the North-South and East-West axes within the scope of international transport corridors.
UTİKAD delegation visited the first Regional Director of Transportation, Naci Serter, within the scope of Mersin region visits. Naci Serter in his office during the meeting, mainly in the subjects of authority certificates and audits were evaluated.
Mersin, which has a significant share in exports to the country with its organized industrial zone and free zone as well as its port, railway and highway facilities, was emphasized with the establishment of the Logistics Center and Çukurova Airport. It is stated that cargo planes will be able to be transported to Çukurova Airport, which is expected to be completed in 2016, and thus the logistics center position of the city will be strengthened.
After the meeting, UTIKAD delegation paid a visit to Cihat Lokmanoglu, Chairman of the Board of Mersin Chamber of Commerce. During the meeting, UTIKAD emphasized the importance of cooperation between the sector and non-governmental organizations in solving the problems by addressing the problems and solutions for the region on the agenda.
In his visit to the Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the UTIKAD delegation, the Board of Directors met with Şerafettin Aşut and the Board Member Ufuk Maya. Considering the importance of the Mersin region in international trade, the deficiencies in the logistics infrastructure and the views on the elimination of the problems were expressed.
After the visits to public and non-governmental organizations, UTIKAD delegation headed by Turgut Erkeskin visited Mersin International Port. The delegation, who made various investigations in the port area, met with MIP General Manager İsmail Hakkı Tas after the trip and received information about the port activities with the expansion works carried out at the port.
Following the day-long visits and inspection trips, an informative and information meeting was held with the participation of UTİKAD member companies and logistics companies operating in the region hosted by Mersin Chamber of Commerce.
After the opening speech of Ufuk Maya, Board Member of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin evaluated the issues on the logistics agenda and gave information about the activities and activities of UTIKAD.
ELİ Should not enter into the field of R2 CERTIFIED COMPANIES “
Turgut Erkeskin, who touched upon the use of authority certificates and audits included among the most important agenda items of the sector, said: una Sector companies should not enter into each other's fields without authorization documents. In other words, the activities of C2 certified companies under the R2 authorization certificate increase unfair competition in the sector. Laws and regulations clearly define the boundaries related to authorization documents. We would like to once again express our sensitivity to the activities of the sector companies in the areas where they are certified. We also pay close attention to the monitoring and supervision of this issue by the ministry. Bu
the development of intermodal transport in Turkey and Turkey Erkeskin the meeting highlighted the benefits of the sector, the negative impact of foreign trade will save the case of continued dependence on road transport in Turkey.
UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin said, ım Our companies that carry out road transportation should not be afraid of intermodal transportation. Because intermodal transportation will increase the volume of our companies, while increasing our foreign trade and increasing the volume of our companies doing road transportation, Çünkü he said.
UTIKAD Turkey's road necessary for the transit document problems experienced in handling Road Transport Joint Commissions (Kukk) should FIATA and CLECAT both the UN in statements about the initiatives that continue the UNECE before Erkeskin, "each of negotiations for road transit quota countries individually We believe that it would be much more beneficial for the sector to have a framework agreement with the European Union. As a matter of fact, UTIKAD has made a significant contribution to the problems of Turkish companies in European transports to the European Commission with the works carried out with FIATA and CLECAT federations. We consider this development as a very important step in terms of finding a permanent solution to the problems. Sor
Erkeskin, in his speech, pointed out the rapid growth in Turkish air cargo transportation and evaluated the practices on reducing the workload in the sector. UTİKAD member Pegasus' s air freight and extra fees, which reminded me to apply a single-price application Erkeskin, the application also expressed the demand for the use of other air cargo companies.
Members of the Board of Directors of Mehmet Ali Emekli, Arif Badur, Hacer Uyarlar and Kayıhan Özdemir in Turan explained the work carried out by the working groups of the associations in addition to the works carried out by the Ministries with the relevant institutions on land, air, sea, railway and intermodal transport. and answered the questions from the participants.
In the meeting, the developments regarding the FIATA World Congress, which will be hosted by UTIKAD in Istanbul in 2014, were shared and it was stated that the networking meetings to be held during the congress will provide new cooperation opportunities for the sector companies.
On the second day of their visit to Mersin, UTIKAD May Board meeting was held.

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