Nine detentions in Spain

Nine detentions in the investigation of the railway corruption in Spain: nine people were detained in an investigation against allegations of corruption in some railway projects in Spain.

On suspicion of corruption in some railway projects in Spain, an investigation was launched in 1 court in Barcelona in the direction of reports from the prosecutor's office and the TCA. Contracts by Adif, a public institution responsible for the infrastructure of the railways, and the private 1 construction company, Corsan, have been examined and nine people have been detained, including Adif managers and employees.

In the meantime, according to the report prepared by the Court of Accounts and leaked to the Spanish press, the 2002-2009 Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train realized in the year of six billion 822 million euros, the allocation of the xNUMX, four-fold increase of eight billion 31 million euros was announced. The 966 high-speed train line budget was initially set at seven billion 621 million euros and then reduced to six billion 550 million euros, while the project was completed when the bill totaled eight billion 822 million euros.

In the La Sagrera station project, which was launched shortly before the 1 in Barcelona, ​​the budget of 800 million euros in 650 million euros was debated.

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