Nine detentions in Spain

Nine detentions in Spanish railway corruption investigation: Nine people were detained as part of an investigation launched against allegations of corruption in some railway projects in Spain.

An investigation was launched in 1 court in Barcelona in line with reports from the prosecutor's office and the Court of Accounts on suspicion of corruption in some railway projects in Spain. While the contracts made by the public institution named Adif responsible for the infrastructure of the railways and 1 private construction company named Corsan were examined, nine people, including Adif executives and employees, were detained within the framework of the investigation.

Meanwhile, according to the report prepared by the Court of Accounts and leaked to the Spanish press, it was announced that the appropriation determined as 2002 billion 2009 million euros in the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train line, which was realized in 822-31, increased by 966 percent, to eight billion 621 million euros. It was stated that the budget of the 550 km high-speed train line was first determined as seven billion 822 million euros and then it was reduced to six billion 966 million euros. When the project was completed, it was pointed out that the total invoice was eight billion XNUMX million euros.

In the La Sagrera station project, which was launched recently in Barcelona, ​​the budget, which was envisaged as 1 million euros, decreased to 800 million euros.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 13:08

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