How the thieves can cut the cables in the YHT line

Thieves on the YHT line can easily cut the cables: YHT line of thieves 'how easily they can cut the cable' was the answer to the question.

The saboteurs know when to cut off the electricity and move accordingly. This brings 'insider' support to mind.

At the time of cutting

29, the anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, is scheduled to launch in May, and the high-speed train (YHT) has been sabotaging the 200 over the past two weeks, bringing the question of Hızlı How can the thieves cut the cables İstanbul. According to officials of the Ministry of Transport, saboteurs are not 'foreign'. Because all theft cases, the control of the system took place as soon as the electricity was cut. So those who do sabotage know the working principles of HRC very well. This strengthened the suspicion that the button was pressed at the same time from inside and outside. So when the trains start to overflow, will the same problem happen? According to officials of the Ministry of Transport, such a problem will not be. Such attempts will be immediately detected when the system is fully operational. Moreover, 4 team will be added to 4 mobile team working in Ankara-Eskişehir line, and 8 team will be added to Eskişehir-İstanbul flights and the XNUMX mobile team will perform shift security check along the line.

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