Fast train saboteurs cable lifter output

📩 30/11/2018 14:29

Fast train saboteurs were cable harassers: Two robbers who stole the cables of the High Speed ​​Train Line were arrested and sent to prison. Thieves stole critical cable lines

Two of the high-speed train line to the haunts of thieves who caught one of Turkey's largest transportation project. An arrest warrant was issued against 2 people allegedly stealing signaling and communication cables from the high-speed train line in Bilecik.

2 people allegedly stealing the signaling and communication cable from the YHT line in the town of Vezirhan, connected to the Bilecik center, were arrested. According to the information received, the gendarmerie teams communicated with signaling cables between the 21th and 200th tunnels in the 35st tunnel area in the Bozüyük district, 30 meters from the 16th tunnel region in the Bozüyük district and 17 meters from the 300th and XNUMXth tunnel in the Vezirhan region on different dates. launched an investigation into the theft of the power transmission cable.

As a result of the investigation of the gendarmerie, the cables were found to cut the FI and LY, in a van with 300 meter signaling cable was caught in the town of Vezirhan.


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