With High Speed ​​Train, Istanbul will be a suburb of Eskişehir

With High Speed ​​Train, Istanbul will be the suburb of Eskişehir: As it is known, the first High Speed ​​Train was built between Ankara and Eskişehir. Then this modern blessing was applied between Ankara and Konya. Eskişehir - Istanbul line is being built for 5 years. It would be put into operation during the last Republic holiday. In this part, there were difficulties and obstacles in infrastructure construction due to the hilly terrain. There was a delay.

The Minister of Transportation recently announced that the construction of the road and the construction of the road for about two months to say that a few days in this section of the road can be said a few days after the commissioning of the good news was given.

It used to take 4 hours between Ankara and Eskişehir by express trains. As a result of the measures taken and improvements on the road, the high-speed train had dropped in two and a half hours in the last 10 years. With the high-speed train, this travel time has been reduced to one and a half hours for 5-6 years. Vee, Eskişehir has become the suburb of Ankara.

There are 10 daily trips between Eskişehir and Ankara. You are going to Ankara by morning train. You are there in an hour and a half, you can see your business, travel and return to Eskişehir in the evening or in the evening. The same is true between Ankara and Eskişehir.

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) facility has been realized between Ankara - Konya and Eskişehir - Konya for 3 years. You can go from Ankara or Eskişehir to Konya in 2 hours and return in two hours.

Now it's time between Eskişehir and Istanbul:
As Eskişehir residents, we are eagerly awaiting Istanbul travels with YHT, which will start in a few days. If fortunate, we will take the first trains to Istanbul in the morning. We will travel all day long and return to our city. We will see our works, travel and return without the obligation to stay overnight in Istanbul. Of course, when it comes to visiting Istanbul, the event will take place in one or a few days, it is not a job to be completed. In the following days, rest, rest and continue the trip ...

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