What will be the historical train stations

What will happen to the historical train stations: What will happen to Haydarpaşa Station in the high-speed train project kazanyeast started. Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek has signaled that the station will be included in the scope of privatization. Well, Gebze-Söğütlüçeşme and Sirkeci-Halkalı What will happen to the historical stations between?

The renovation of the railroads under the high-speed train and Marmaray projects made the Istanbulites forget the whistle for the last year. 'Haydarpaşa Train Station' s fate is one of the most curious and debated issues in this process. It is natural for Haydarpaşa to be the center of attention because of being one of the landmarks of the city. However, Gebze-Söğütlüçeşme and Sirkeci-Halkalı what would happen to the train stations of various sizes serving at the lines is as important as Haydarpaşa. Moreover, there are claims that a considerable amount of them will be destroyed or left idle. Kadir Has University Faculty of Architecture Dr. Yonca Erkan Kösebay and Haydarpaşa Solidarity Tugay Kartal asked what would happen to the historical train stations on Gebze-Haydarpaşa line.

He has a PhD thesis on railways. Dr. Erkan says that since the Marmaray Project is planned as a three-line railway, it is not possible to keep the existing historical stations in use as they are. For this reason, it is foreseen that a part of the historical stations will be demolished and another part will be out of use due to the demolition of the platforms in front of them.

We would like to ask Tugay Kartal to explain the issue in more detail. The answer is as follows: istasyon In the existing railway line, the platforms are at the edges and the line is in the middle. 'Isn't there any other way to do that?' Tugay Kartal, "the entrance to the station, if the historical structures were projected to be existing historical structures would be used." He answers.

According to Erkan, Kartal-Kadıköy Metro could be handled with the tube pass of Marmaray and the historical railway line could be renewed and carry its historical features to the future. Kartal agrees with Yonca Erkan on this issue. As Haydarpaşa Solidarity, the commuter lines do not triple at the beginning of the project or the Bosphorus crossing. Kadıköy-They suggested that the national and international railway traffic should not be thrown into the bottleneck by connecting to the Kartal metro. However, his warnings and suggestions were not taken into consideration.

As for how to obtain the information that the stations will be demolished or out of use… In order to declare Istanbul as a railway heritage, the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the United Transport Union (BTS) and the Chamber of Architects, An application was made to the Assets Protection Boards. The Board informed TCDD in a letter that it would send its officials to the railway line to examine the application on site. Railways will be within the scope of Marmaray CR1.8.2007 construction before this inspection. Halkalı 25.6.2008 asked the General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction (DLH) with the letter 711 that 22.8.2008 will be affected by the buildings and facilities between Gebze. DLH responded to the Eurasian Joint Initiative (Consortium), who was not the answer to the question and was responsible for construction. Eurasian Joint Initiative with 12555 date and XNUMX numbered Haydarpasa Gebze and Halkalı 29 station building will be demolished, six station building will be out of use, DLH and TCDD'e notified.

'Is not the Council of Monuments can intervene, does not work to prevent the destruction of historic buildings?' The answer to the question in Tugay Kartal: Kartal Haydarpaşa-Gebze connection between the Anatolian Baghdad Railway line. Sirkeci Halkalı is a part of the Rumeli Railways. BTS, Chamber of Architects and ICOMOS applied to Istanbul and Izmit Conservation Boards in 100 for the protection of these lines with their historical and industrial value. After the application was examined, it was rejected in our 'protection legislation' as there was no provision for the protection of the railway lines as historical and industrial railway. Başvuru

Erkan, Haydarpaşa-Gebze tells extends until the year 1871 the introduction of the line: "Academically, the history of Turkey's railway, which is also an important place in the collective memory Haydarpasa expected to be renewed by maintaining the line, bringing a burden on the capacity of these areas, so the future by preserving the historic nature a project that could not be transferred was implemented. The Marmaray Project played a decisive role in the use of the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Gar sites in this manner, causing the railway to be withdrawn from these areas by disrupting the existing rail-sea relationship for nearly a decade.

Marmaray Project is only presented as a project that crosses the Bosphorus with a rail system. Erkan says: un The change that will take place in the suburban lines and the changes in the habits of the people will be noticed when the construction is completed. Marmar

Negative answer to the application 'Let's make a museum'

According to Erkan, the railway was supposed to be protected as a line. Erkan emphasized that special structures such as station buildings, housing and water depots can be registered only. “Even the registration decisions did not really make these structures transfer to the future with the values ​​they have. Here, the decision-makers are expected to add comments to the constraints imposed by the laws, with an eye on the historical eye for the benefit of society. Ilar

Mystery is what happens if historical stations are out of use. For some of the buildings Kadıköy Municipality Cultural Center applied to TCDD but got a negative response. Zaman's written application to TCDD regarding 'what will happen to the historical ren stations' was also left unanswered.

Historical stations are not demolished, but are not functioning

As part of the Anatolian Baghdad line on the Anatolian side, there are 27 garages and station facilities between Haydarpasa and Gebze. These are: Haydarpaşa, Söğütlüçeşme, Kızıltoprak, Feneryolu, Göztepe, Erenköy, Suadiye, Bostancı, Küçükyalı, Idealtepe, Süreyyaplajı, Maltepe, Cevizli, Ancestors, Eagle, Dolphin, Pendik, Kaynarca, Shipyard, Guzelyali, Aydıntepe, İçmeler, Tuzla, Cayirova, Fatih, Osmangazi, Gebze. Haydarpasa, Kiziltoprak, Feneryolu, Goztepe, Erenkoy, Suadiye, Bostanci, Maltepe, Kartal Yunus station buildings are historical and registered buildings. Sirkeci, which is part of the Rumeli railway Halkalı 18 units are located between the station and the station. These are: Sirkeci, Cankurtaran, Kumkapi, Yenikapi, Kocamustafapasa, Yedikule, Kazlicesme, Zeytinburnu, Yenimahalle, Bakirkoy, Yesilyurt, Yesilkoy, Florya, Violet, Kucukcekmece, Soguksu, Canary Halkalı. Eurasia joint venture 2008'ta DLH'ye sent a list of what will happen to the 41 station. According to the date of this date Kızıltoprak, Feneryolu, Goztepe, Erenkoy, Suadiye, Bostanci, Maltepe, Kartal Yunus station buildings next to the following note: 'A new station is being made, but the existing station building is protected'. The history of these stations dates back to the Ottoman period. The Ottoman Government intends to connect Haydarpaşa to Baghdad. In 1871, construction of the Haydarpaşa-Izmit line starts and the 91 kilometer line is completed in 1873.

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