Women's Hand Was Cleaned by Highways

Women's Value of Highways Clearance: Bingol, the inter-city route herbs from the women workers from Elazig are cleaned with an anchor.
Highways Elazig 8. Gökçeli Construction Company, which took the tender for the cleaning done by the Regional Directorate, brought the 22 woman worker from Elazığ to Bingöl for the cleaning of the refugees on the roads.
Beginning to work, women workers clean the grasses in the middle refuges of the Bingöl-Erzurum and Bingöl-Muş highway routes by anchoring them.
Company officials Yakup Celik, AA correspondent, women's cleaning job better and cheaper, he said.
For this reason, the women workers in their firms in Bingöl-Erzurum and Bingöl-Muş highway to do the cleaning of the roads that they bring to Bingöl said that the steel, women started cleaning work, he said.
Steel pointed out that they prefer women for cleaning work and said, ile 22 is regular cleaning of highways with female workers. Since women in Bingöl did not do this work, we brought women workers from Elazığ. We will be working in Bingöl during the 3 week. Bing
Supervisor at the Highways Bingöl Branch Suphi Burakazi, who also supervised the clean-up work, said that the cleaning work covers the road about 19 kilometers long.


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