A quick train to help from China

Helping high-speed train in Africa from China: Connecting major cities with a high-speed train network is unimaginable in Europe, while China plans to realize it in Africa.

In his speech at the African Union OAU, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that they could increase the existing loan volume of $ 20 billion by another $ 10 billion to establish a high-speed train network in Africa. He also stated that the development fund for Africa will be increased by another $ 2 billion.

According to Chinese news agencies, Li said in his speech in Ethiopia that the high-speed train network will connect all major cities in Africa and that China has the technique to build it. Li noted that the People's Republic of China will work with Africa to make this dream come true.

Li, who was elected to the post of Chinese Prime Minister a year ago, is visiting Africa for the first time, Li will move from Ethiopia to the oil countries Nigeria and Angola. Previously, agreements with a volume of billions of dollars and for the shipment of raw materials to China were signed during China's high-level visits to Africa.

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