Haydarpaşa Train Station Is Just Like A Museum

Haydarpasa Train Station
Haydarpasa Train Station

Haydarpaşa Train Station is almost like a museum: Haydarpaşa Station, which was built 2 years ago on the order of Abdulhamid II and closed to train services for about 106 year within the scope of the renewal of the superficial suburban lines of Haydarpaşa-Gebze, defies years with its historical building and belongings - Haydarpaşa Train Station, whose development plan covering the station and its surroundings has been suspended and will be included in the scope of privatization, is home to a library, cabinet, table, chair, armchair and palace stove belonging to Abdulhamid II and the Ottoman period in its historical atmosphere.

I built all these kilometers of railroads to the country, the end of the steel rails is in Haydarpaşa. It is not clear that I built a harbor with its huge buildings. Make me a building where those rails meet the sea so that when my umma looks at it, it will say, 'Do you get out of here, you can go to Mecca without getting off at all. and challenges the years with his stuff.

Istanbul's symbol of the building, which is an important cultural heritage for Turkey Haydarpasa Train Station, 2 Abdul Hamid's orders, was built by German architects Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno.

The station, which was the starting point of the Istanbul-Baghdad / Hejaz Railway, was opened on 19 August 1908. On the first day, a fire broke out while construction was in progress in the building, where part of it and waiting rooms for passengers were put into service. The building was repaired and reopened on 4 November 1909.

Haydarpaşa Train Station, which was used as an arsenal during the National Struggle and the First World War, was sabotaged on September 1, 6, the arsenal was detonated and completely destroyed.

Haydarpaşa Train Station was rebuilt in the 10th year of the proclamation of the Republic in accordance with its original form. Garda underwent a comprehensive restoration in 1976.

Parts of the station were damaged in the crash of the tanker to the fuel-laden Independent in 1979.

In the fire that occurred in 2010, the central and northern parts of the roof of Haydarpaşa Train Station were burned. In line with the decisions of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board, the building started to be repaired in accordance with the original. The Survey, Restitution and Restoration Project prepared within this scope was approved by the Istanbul No.5 Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The process, which was tendered by TCDD on February 25, for the "complete renovation of Haydarpaşa Station Building" continues.

  • Ottoman belongings at Haydarpaşa Train Station

Haydarpaşa Train Station, which has been used as a station since the first day but has been closed to train services since 3 June 19, due to the efforts to renew the superficial suburban lines between Haydarpaşa and Gebze and to remove them in 2013 lines, still fascinates those who see it with its magnificent stance.

The upper floors of Haydarpaşa Train Station, whose restoration work is ongoing, is currently being used by the TCDD Enterprise 1st Regional Directorate.

  1. The station building, which has historical items such as a library, cupboard, table, chair, armchair and palace stove belonging to the Abdulhamid and Ottoman periods, and filled with handmade cast glass, is like a museum.

On the 3rd floor of the station, there is a lobby, education, conference hall and an oval office. The first coat of arms used by TCDD on the cupboards in the office with historical items draws attention. The Armada contains an object of iron wings made by the train wheel.

  • To be included in the scope of privatization

According to the information received by the AA correspondent from TCDD, including the Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surroundings (Kadıköy) 1/5000 scale Haydarpaşa Station and Kadıköy With the Master Plan for the Protection of the Environment, 1/5000 (Üsküdar) Harem Region Haydarpaşa Port and Backyard Master Plan and studies were carried out.

Since the station area is an urban and historical site, the planning studies were carried out in line with the permission and opinions of the Cultural Heritage Regional Protection Board. Planning studies were prepared in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, universities and public boards.

The ground floor of the building was used as a station and the 3 floor, which was used as TCDD Regional Directorate, was processed as a cultural and accommodation area.

According to the plan, the ground floor of Haydarpaşa Building, used as a station, and the 130-acre area on the İbrahimağa side were allocated to TCDD. This area was reserved to be used within the scope of the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train project in order to improve the transportation systems and maintain their function.

Haydarpaşa Station and Kadıköy A lawsuit was filed for the cancellation of the Master Development Plan for the Protection of the Square and the suspension of the execution. Istanbul 2nd Administrative Court decided to stay the execution on 17 February 2014. Authorities reported that the legal process continues.

The development plan for protection was also notified to the Privatization Administration. Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek announced that Haydarpaşa Station and Port Transformation Project will be included in the privatization program after the zoning works are completed. Legal permits and procedures continue by the Privatization Administration.

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