Intersection Rebellion in Havutlu

Crossroads Rebellion in Havutlu: Neighborhood tradesmen reacted to the closure of the junctions at the Adana-Karataş highway at the Havutlu entrance. Tradesmen, who blocked the road for a while, said, "Authorities listen to our voice." said.
Highways teams wanted to close the two intersections on the road passing through Havutlu. The shopkeepers in the neighborhood reacted to the teams closing an intersection. The tradesman said that the truck drivers stopped and shop for the weighbridge near the closed intersection and said, “We applied to all authorities with a petition so that the intersection is not closed. They are closing this place without waiting for the decision, it is not possible to understand. " said. After the intervention of the shopkeepers, police and teams, who also quarreled with the highways teams and blocked the road to traffic for a while, they opened the road to traffic. Highway crews left without closing the second intersection. In the meantime, some claimed that bribes were taken from their future workplaces, so their intersection was closed and that part was left open.

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