GEFCO opens the Çayırova warehouse

GEFCO opened the store Çayırova: continued progress in Turkey and growth GEFCO Turkey established on 10 thousand square meters Çayırova opened the store.
GEFCO growth continued progress in Turkey and Turkey established on 10 thousand square meters Çayırova opened the store. GEFCO Turkey in the new store, with industrial manufacturers offering services for 2-wheeled vehicles.
2012 year in Tuzla Logistics Center to its customers to provide the services of storage and bonded warehouse space starting GEFCO Turkey Çayırova-Kocaeli, located in in line with the demand in line with the high growth rate of the service offered by completing the new store investment.
The new warehouse will serve 2 wheeled vehicles
GEFCO Turkey offers services for two-wheeled vehicles with industrial manufacturers in the new store. Customer growth and improve the investment in accordance with the new requirements of GEFCO Turkey's 2m5.000's of new warehouse space in Çayırova was planned as a free warehouse and began operating in mid-April. The 2m5.000 area planned to be used as a bonded area will be connected to the Derince Customs Directorate and will be operational by mid-May.
GEFCO Turkey General Manager and Regional Director Middle East Mr. Fulvio Villa, with new store investment GEFCO said it would continue its organic growth in Turkey, he said proceeded in accordance with the company's global vision. The Sales and Marketing Director, GEFCO Turkey Zafer Ozkok is to create value for customers of GEFCO's top priorities, he said. Özkök stated that they offer their customers storage and customs consultancy consultancy as well as transportation services such as road, airline, and seaway, and that they have enabled the company to focus on its core business activities.
Global Expert on
GEFCO, which supports its customers by providing the same service quality and operation standards worldwide, serves with its own network in the world. The company, which is one of the world leaders in Automotive Logistics, transports 4 million cars a year. GEFCO, which transports 37.000 roads per day, serves 300 different destinations in maritime transport. The group, which manages more than 6.000.000 Gefbox (reusable packaging products), offers value-added services such as transfer center, packaging, synchronized deliveries with the production line in 60 logistics platforms spread all over the world.

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