Etis Logistics' cramped came to Turkey

Etis Logistics' cramped came to Turkey: logistics center located in different cities 10 and 2,5 million tons per year shipments grew that perform Etis Logistics targets in Turkey. This year will open offices abroad.
Providing value added logistics services to industrial and industrial companies, Etis Logistics declared 2014 year as investment year. 10 2014 targets 3,5 million tons of cargo and 155 million turnover in XNUMX. Erdal Kılıç, General Manager of Etis Logistics, evaluated the company's targets and sector.
fastest growing company
Can you briefly talk about your company?
Established in 2007 in order to provide logistic services, the company was founded by XINFX in the year of 2010. was founded in partnership with Negmar Denizcilik Yatırım A.Ş. continues its activities as a subsidiary. Etis Logistics, the fastest growing branch of the group serving in many countries, delivered 2.5 million tons last year.
What was your company at 2013?
We grew 2012 by 50. 138 million TL turnover. We have an 250 employee. We have an 10 logistic center. We are back in Turkey's often harbor. We serve the complete or partial transportation of the finished products, raw materials and semi-finished products by 81 from our logistics centers located in İstanbul, Kocaeli, Balıkesir, İzmir, Kütahya, Samsun, Tekirdağ, Hatay, Mersin and Gemlik. . In 2013 we carried the 2.5 million tons of cargo. We've operated near 200.
powerful technological infrastructure
What is your argument?
Our claim is to provide special solutions based on efficiency in each field and provide added value, provide additional services to our customers, and minimize its total cost there. We are trying to provide a corporate service with a good IT infrastructure and a good human quality. As such, your growth potential is high. There is a need in this sense in the sector.
What is your 2014 year?
An interesting year for us 2014. There are a few areas we want to enter. We plan to strengthen the infrastructure with new tools. In 2014 we aim for 3.5 million tons cargo and 155 million turnover. We expect a significant increase in the number of customers.
What are the new fields you want to enter?
First; The parcel is working on a plan that will exist in logistics. There is a need in the field of industrial parcel logistics. Especially for SMEs, we want to activate this service. We would like to serve those who are in distress in delivering them to the domestic market. We will enter this area in a few months by purchasing more than one company. And then we will share with the public.
Secondly, we want to add the railway to our transportation. We have to serve for you using all kinds of transportation area of ​​transport. We're waiting for regulation. We aim to be an important player in railway transportation.
We also developed a project with AFAD. We carried out humanitarian aid and ship operation in Somalia. We will now serve on this side after the disaster. We will supply the required containers. Up to several months, the 1.656 containers will be produced in the name of AFAD. We also cooperate with universities on this subject. Because this subject requires expertise. After the disaster, logistics must be transferred very quickly and accurately. In addition, we have developed a model such as mobility, warehouse design, safe environment and a minimum level of external influence.
Can you evaluate the sector?
The industry is not very efficient. The industry has a traditional business model. Now the world has changed, there is an issue called consilation, companies are coming together, competition is getting fierce… We need to involve ourselves in the continuous renewal and inquiry process. There is a classic planning cycle here, we need to plan-check-revise and recheck. This means the following; "How can I do my job better?" In our company, we have friends who ask such questions and develop them. For example; We are trying to reduce the product that needs to be evacuated in 6,5 days to 5 days. Thus, we win both the port, the customer, and ourselves. This is what we are working on. We are creating an R&D for this. This team examines machines abroad and follows new developments. We're getting used to find ways to bring them to Turkey. We make all kinds of investments in information technology infrastructure. This is one of our differences in the industry.
We are making annual plans for 3 for consistent goals. We do not plan to plan, we determine our goals by looking at our resources and the realities of the country. We do a very precise and careful study. When we look back, we see that we have achieved our goals. We have an effective planning ability. 3 is currently in the 3 main business area in the year we are predicting deepening.



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