Bad Road Action in Ergani

diyarbakir ergani district
diyarbakir ergani district

Reacting to the failure of the connection road built last year in Diyarbakır's Ergani district, the citizens blocked the road to traffic and took action.

Dust clouds that occurred during vehicle crossings on the 2-kilometer Yenişehir link road in Ergani, which connects the Diyarbakır Highway with the State Hospital, harassed the street residents and shopkeepers on the route. Citizens residing on the connection road and shopkeepers operating on the roadside made a protest by closing the connection road to traffic in order to protest that the victimization that occurred despite the road was damaged and the road was not built.

Vehicle traffic dense dust

Ergani Municipality contracted the cost of 2 million 142 thousand TL in the last year as a way of covering the connection way, yet began to deteriorate a year before. Warning signs for pedestrian and vehicle safety, and two traffic excavations have occurred in the past few months. Especially due to the passing of heavy tonnage vehicles in the way of the connection to the mole in a short period of time each vehicle passing through the dust due to the dust of the citizens residing in the neighborhood can not open the windows, the balcony was not. Environmental tradesmen are also extremely uncomfortable. Citizens and tradesmen, who reacted in a short time to the way the deformed road was repaired, closed the road to traffic.

"Victimization be remedied"

Faruk Güçlü said, içinde Our workplaces stay in dust. This also annoys our customers. Asphalt last year, asphalt does not flow. Neither pedestrian safety nor vehicle safety. Last year, the road began to fall more than a year before. The pits formed on the road damage the vehicles, the smallest vehicle passes through this path immediately when the dust cloud gets up and suffocates. Citizens residing in the neighborhood cannot open doors and doors from dust and soil. Because of the lack of a speed control barrier, the two vehicles that have been driving at high speed have crashed on this road. We want the road to be made as soon as possible without any other accidents and the others are burned as soon as possible, olm he said.

Serhat Güzel, another tradesman operating on the route, said, “Because of this damaged road, the life and property safety of the citizens and tradesmen living in the vicinity has not remained. Citizens cannot open their windows or go to the balcony. Tradesmen, on the other hand, cannot do business properly due to excessive dust. Dust and smoke surrounds the passage of any vehicle. Both citizens are victims of this dust and drivers are constantly hitting their vehicles into the pit due to this bad road. There is neither a signaling system nor a warning sign. The lights installed in the middle medians do not light up at night either. Since there is no barrier, vehicles threaten life safety by making excessive speed. " expressed his reaction in the form.

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