Mayor of Ereğli Uysal examined road works

Mayor of Eregli Uysal examined the road works: Mayor of Zonguldak's Eregli district Hüseyin Uysal examined the ongoing road works in the district of Kışla District and received information from the authorities of the highways.
Kdz. Ereğli Mayor Hüseyin Uysal, the Deputy Mayor Ibrahim Cöbek with the highway in the ongoing work on the road in the region of Kışla District examined. Uysal, who stated that they are ready to fulfill all the duties they need to complete the road works as a municipality, için Infrastructure works started with great speed. As Ereğli Municipality, we are ready to fulfill all our responsibilities. It is our greatest desire that drivers and citizens using this road route provide more modern and healthy transportation. We are pleased that our company has begun to work in the hope that a short time will be fulfilled, çalış he said.
Site Chief Üstün asked Uysal's "When will the asphalt work start?", "It will start in May. Our deputy Prof.Dr. Ercan Candan also follows the issue very closely. The works have started, Ereğli Municipality provides the necessary infrastructure support to accelerate these works, we thank you ”.
Uysal and his entourage visited the fire department in the barracks. Uysal, who received a briefing from the Fire Brigade Manager Muhammet Ateş, asked the directorate for a report on the development of the new Fire Station, which is planned to be built in Kepez area, and the vehicle park within the Fire Department.
Ereğli Mayor Uysal emphasized that a new fire brigade building should be built in Kepez region and especially the industrial sites could prevent the loss of life and property in case of any negativity in the area where the new hospital is located. In case of any negativity in the case of Eregli Municipality as soon as possible to go to the scene and to minimize the loss of life and property is our duty. It is our duty to make Ereğli Municipality Fire Department more modern and better equipped. We need to make a good planning and how we can make initial interventions in a short time and think very well. We need to continue this kind of activities with the aim of informing our citizens and educating them about first aid with voluntary firefighting course. We should also have consultations with the public institutions and organizations that have fire brigades around us and move our bar higher. Çev
Kdz. Ereğli Mayor Opr. Dr. Hüseyin Uysal made his last visit to the Science and Water Works site within the scope of his trips. Uysal, who made examinations in the car park and maintenance workshop, sohbet did. When an easy going worker said that 75 TL was deducted from his salary for Ereğli Belediyespor, he said, “This figure is very. He gave good news by saying "I am reducing this figure to 25 TL".



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