Traffic Control for Persons with Disabilities

Traffic Control of the Disabled: With the project 'We are the Gendarmerie of Bergama, the City of Firsts', co-ordinated by the District Gendarmerie Command Traffic Gendarmerie Team and Ali Rıza Primary School Special Education Class Teacher Gül Nihal Yüce in Bergama District of Izmir, young students, Traffic application on the bridge.
Disabled students wearing gendarmerie uniforms at the event held on the occasion of the Disability Week and the anniversary of the establishment of the Gendarmerie, stopped the cars and invited their drivers to obey the traffic rules, expressing that everyone can be disabled. Bergama District Gendarme Commander, Gendarmerie Captain Murat Dinçer, also said in his statement. He thanked everyone who provided the opportunity to spend quality time by raising awareness of drivers and students about traffic rules. Müzeyyen Güven, one of the special education class students who practiced roads, stopped the vehicles and offered cologne and chocolate, and then warned. Müzeyyen Güven told the drivers that if you don't want to be disabled, follow the traffic rules and wear your seat belts. Special Education Class teacher Gül Nihal Yüce said that they are trying to refute some unrealistic prejudices and beliefs about her students. kazanWe aim to develop the skills of drawing, synthesizing and social communication. Nasuh Acar, the driver of the car who was stopped while driving with the application, stated that he was a physical education teacher in Denizli and said, "I applaud the project, I heartily congratulate the Gendarmerie, the School Manager and their teachers for saving these children from exclusion and reminding them that they are members of the society."

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