Adana metro is a fully controlled rail system

Durak: Adana metro is a fully controlled railway system.

In the Metropolitan Municipality of Hüseyin Sözlü'nın sitting in the presidency, a period was completely closed. Behind the contemporary and developed city, Aytaç Durak, who left a lot of issues still being discussed, evaluated the 25 annual Presidential period in our newspaper.

During the 5 period, Aytaç Durak, who explained the details of each service he has done during 21's annual active duty period to Taner Talaş until the finest details, emphasized that the policies he follows are taken as examples in many municipalities today. Stating that he never puts political privilege in the municipality, Durak said that this is the biggest share in his success.

Adana Metro is a ”fully controlled“ rail system. Tram is not, it is Metro. It is independent of city traffic. Their peers are Istanbul, Ankara, and İzmir subways. Its cost is lower than its peers, just like sewage and drinking water. Selahattin Çolak's project and tender was prepared in time, the route was changed in our time and changed from Double Minaran to South Seyhan and it was transferred to Yüreğir.

  1. The design and pre-feasibility of the stage Balcalı line has been prepared before the first tender and its construction has been made under 4 for years. It's like a tree sapling. First the main body, then the legs and arms later consists of fruit branches. Adana Metro, Konya, Eskişehir, Kayseri, Gaziantep can not be compared to those in provinces. They're trams. They are level crossings with city traffic and they are subject to light traffic rules.

ÇATALAN Project, sewerage-treatment facilities, the Metro has also contributed to the State, the financing of the municipality has been provided from external sources.

Source: AdanaMedia


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