The Wonders of the Bridge

The Wonders of the Bridge Waterfall will be held in September: The construction of the natural wonder of the Mut Yer bridge waterfall, which is a natural monument registered by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry General Directorate of Protection and National Parks, will start construction in September.
Located in Evren neighborhood of Mut district of Mersin, and the beginning of the March 2013 date to the road because of the shift of rocks Yerköprü Waterfall road was closed. Despite the month of 15 months, the wonder of the natural waterfall could not be opened and was left to its fate.
Am It is a place where tourists flock to tour. But we had to close the transportation because the road was closed. We closed the road to the waterfall of the massive rocks on the mountain slope of the waterfall. We made all our attempts to open the way for the waterfall, which is registered as a en Natural Monument en by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, one of the important tourism centers of the district. We're happy with the news. 2014 project work continues quickly. The changed road route will be changed to the river and then a bridge will be provided to the waterfall. The project was included in the 2014 year and the allowance was allocated. I think it will start in September. Sanırım
The Yerköprü Waterfall, which is registered as a natural monument and located on the Ermenek River, is interpreted as a wonder of nature. 35 kilometers from Mut district center in a survey conducted by experts on the waterfall, 110 million years ago, as a result of the use of cretose aged limestones emerged with the presence of a very narrow source water.
Waterfall flowing from a height of about 30 meters, 200 meters in length, 10 meters in width and the bottom of the tunnel in the water tunnel is a natural and unspoiled stalactites and rich vegetation. One of the most influential places, the bridge serves as a bridge and feed from the water from Gezende Dam and brings the coolness along with the mobility at the junction of the water out of the eye at the bottom of the rock.

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