Deputy Çalık: Northern Ring Road Tender Process Starts on June 12

Deputy Çalık: “Northern Ring Road Tender Process Starts on June 12th. AK Party Malatya Deputy and AK Party MKYK member Öznur Çalık stated that the tender process for the construction of the Northern Ring Road, which has been on the agenda of Malatya for a long time, will start on June 12.
Çalık said in his statement: Çevre The Northern Ring Road Project, which Malatya, which is a metropolitan city, has needed for a long time, will be implemented with the commencement of the tender process. At the last point, as a result of the 53.6 of the 3194 numbered 18 which is of vital importance for our Malatya, and as part of the consolidation works as a result of the consolidation works, 12 as a whole will begin the tender process in June. The construction works of the Northern Ring Road will be initiated this year and the necessary coordination will be done between the institutions with the completion of the tender process and the necessary care will be taken in order not to interfere with the project. Kuzey
Providing information about the project, Çalık said, “The cost of the project is approximately 500 million TL and it is one of the biggest investments to be made in Malatya in the recent period. Malatya Northern Ring Road route starts from Malatya -Gölbaşı -Darende Junction and ends at Malatya-Elazığ-Pütürge Junction on the route heading towards the East. In addition, with the connection road starting from Malatya - Darende - Akçadağ junction, the total route is 53,6 kilometers. The platform width is 26 meters (divided road) in accordance with the project standards and has high road standards. In the project, there are 14 interchanges at different levels, 3 DDY Crossings and 4 bridges ”.
Çalık said, başkan We would like to thank our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his support in this project, our Minister of Transport, the Governor, our deputies, our Mayor and the General Director for Highways. We hope that this project, which is closely related to the province of 16, will be beneficial to our country, Malatya X.

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