Workers against the privatization of Derince Port have begun a hunger strike

Workers against Derince Port privatization start hunger strike: 2 workers protest against transfer of port's operating rights to private sector

Responding to the transfer of the Derince Port's operating rights to the private sector for 39 years, workers named Binali Demir and Ali Erdoğan went on hunger strike.

Demir told reporters that 25 has been working at the port for years and said that they started a hunger strike two days ago.

Saying, "We are 2 people now, it will be gradual depending on the process," Demir explained that working conditions in the privatized enterprises are difficult.

Iron Soma advocating that Turkey is a real example of, "Here we have seen in the press because we are fighting to prevent the privatization that led to the removal of suicide, those who have been crippled remaining. We went on strike to prevent these. Negotiations continue. The final bid will be made today. How long will this period be, according to him, we will continue to fight ”he said.

Port - İş Union Branch Administrative Secretary Ahmet Ergül also argued that the privatization in Derince Port did not continue with its current state.

Noting that the operating right will be transferred to the contractor company for 39 years, Ergül said, “While the existing bonded area of ​​the port is 330 thousand square meters, the operator is given the following right. Come the sea, fill it. It allows 450 thousand square meters of filling to the sea. The bay is a natural harbor anyway. He has no other purpose than to slaughter this port. We are also against that. We love our sea, ”he said.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 18:49

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