Daciada Zero Interest Opportunity in May (Photo Gallery)

Daciada Zero Interest Opportunity in May: In Dacia, Duster and Logan MCV models have a zero-interest advantage in May. The campaign is valid for 20.000 TL up to the 20 month term option.
For customers who want to use long-term loans, the 0.89 interest rate is offered. Customers with 20.000TL and 20 months can use a new Duster or Logan MCV with a maximum amount of 48.000TL credits and a maximum of 48 months. As part of the campaign, Logan MCV 34.100TL will be available from Duster 43.800TL.
Outside of the campaigns, Dacia Duster and Logan MCV models offer ia Cash Receiving Support ia opportunity. Campaign 31 This campaign is valid until May 2014 and customers can benefit from attractive cash purchase support.

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