Industrial Gearbox Couplings For Load And Human Transport Systems

Couplings for Industrial Gear Boxes in Load and Human Transport Systems: TRANSFER -COM Cover Subject Article KTR Couplings for industrial gearboxes in load and human transport systems One of the first to come to mind when it comes to winter is profit. Especially for ski lift operators in ski areas. The expectation of skiers is functional, secure cable car and chair lift service. KTR couplings and brakes contribute significantly to this type or to the smooth operation of different transport systems. They are used on both drive and output shaft sides of industrial gear units.

Cold and hot applications are also designed to transport the ropeway, human or cargo, whichever has to work safely in all weather conditions, ice, snow and high temperature. The ropeway is driven by a gearbox or directly. If the motor drive shaft is connected to a gear unit, a flexible torsion coupling is used on the main drive side. Another coupling combines the output shaft of the reducer with the rope pulley. With the choice of this coupling, expectations are made in the form of flexibility, rigidity, robustness and even long service life, even in extremely adverse weather conditions.

Industrial gear boxes under the sun should be in a position to drive belt conveyors smoothly and long life in mines when the adverse weather conditions prevail over the cable car or on Earth's high continents. In offshore oil rig applications, power plants (eg hydroelectric power plants), stone crushing plants, iron-steel plants or the chemical industry demand a smooth operation from the drive compartment in harsh environmental conditions. The appropriate coupling of the KTR protects both parts against vibration, impact shocks, wear due to axial and radial misalignments, both at high speeds on the driving side and at high torque on the drive side.

Compact couplings on the gearbox input shaft There is little space between the drive motor and the gearbox inlet side, usually for high power and efficient coupling coupling.

To this end, the KTR offers POLY-NORM®, a compact coupling series with a relatively short mounting length.

With its long service life and robustness, the short, torsion-resistant POLY-NORM® coupling has proven itself for many years in which KTR has developed many innovations and different types. The POLY-NORM® AR series has been specifically expanded and updated at the same time for the demands of couplings used in industrial gearboxes. Therefore, such desirable features as reliable operation, symmetrical arrangement, small dimensions and damping of vibrations were given priority as usual. In this way, the usual shaft misalignments are reliably compensated by the coupling and a healthy torque transfer is performed. KTR supplies the shaft diameters up to 28 mm in dimensions from 180 to 180 in this product. The transmittable torque can be performed up to 78 Nm with an elastomeric ring of 13.400 Shore A hardness. A new feature of POLY-NORM® is the maximum permissible shaft diameters. Small and medium-sized 2 with 5 was extended with the same performance.

The POLY-NORM® ADR series offers the possibility of an elastomeric stabilization of the coupling. In this way, the installation time is reduced in the revisions of the plant, thus saving the cost. In order to brake or stop the system properly, see 1 GA / April 2014 /

If the article is requested on the drive side only, POLY-NORM® couplings, brake discs and KTR-STOP® can be used with the brake system.

To achieve long life with high demands on temperature resistance and high torque transmission, the KTR has grown considerably with the ROTEX® type coupling. The elastic star material introduced a year ago T-PUR® allows you to use RO-TEX® in any environment. For applications on industrial gearboxes, all the positive technical properties such as resilience and resistance to heat with the new elastic star material have been maintained while improvements in fatigue strength and temperature resistance have been carried out. The ROTEX coupling can withstand harsh operating conditions at -50 ° C to + 120 ° C (max + 150 ° C peak temperatures) in mining, offshore conveyors and iron-steel plants. Today, ROTEX type coupling is the most commonly used type of coupling for the lower and middle performance range worldwide. All precision machined surfaces have a positive effect on use, which increases the service life of the coupling. ROTEX® couplings provide a power transmission that reduces shocks and torsional vibrations in repeated drives for various drives.

For tough applications on the drive side of large industrial gearboxes with high torque, which are common in stone crushing plants, gear couplings such as KTR GEARex® are essential.

These couplings are ideal for heavy-duty high torque demands and speeds due to their compact size and high power densities. The GEARex® series represents the logical continuation of the principle of the design of the coupler with the BoWex® type of curved teeth for a high performance range. GEARex® is used in heavy machinery manufacturing in heavy industry such as iron and steel industry.

High torque on the drive side The industrial gearboxes must safely drive the drive shaft to the output shaft and therefore at low speeds with high torque on the power units, rope pulleys or transport pulley shafts. The purpose is to protect the transmission from shaft misalignments, vibration and shock shocks, and to prevent damage to bearings, body or wings.

Since there is higher torque at lower speeds on the drive shaft of the industrial gear unit in the drive compartments, the couplings must be selected with a configuration that reduces the torsional vibrations and compensates the drivetrain shocks while providing power transmission.

With the REVOLEX KX series, the KTR offers pin couplings for use on transport and ropeway systems, for example.

The REVOLEX® KX torsionally rigid pin coupling provides useful features such as reliable operation, short installation length, axial mounting capability and ease of maintenance. The pin coupling compensates for shaft misalignments of components together with safe torque transfer. It is especially used in high torque transmission applications such as large diameter shafts driven at low revs. The overall casting quality of EN-GJL-250 is used for dimensions 330 to 250.

For special applications, REVOLEX® KX-D type steel designs are available on request up to TKN 1,22 million Nm.

The most important feature of the REVOLEX® pin coupling is the option to remove only the pins during installation. The advantage of this is that the power units do not need to be driven either on the drive or on the drive side. Elastomers, including the assembled pin, are easy to disassemble: the pins are tapered and the sleeves are painted to prevent corrosion at the contacts. Pin connections can be easily and quickly disassembled even after several years of use.

5m Article High torque If high torque is required, the KTR REVOLEX® KX-D pin coupling series provides this. The symmetrically assembled pins with the KX-D series increase the torque transmission in accordance with REVOLEX® KX by up to% 40 with the same outside diameter. To be safe, steel or an EN-GJL-250 cast material is used in the header on which the pins are placed. The REVOLEX 650 size steel grade provides better balance quality in applications with high environmental speed.

When assembling pin couplings, elastomer pin rings are mounted with prestress. The pre-tensioned pins provide a gap-free structure, which results in smooth and smooth running of the chairlift, which is appreciated by the passengers.

Uninterrupted and smooth movement for container-mounted gantry cranes is very important to avoid damaging the sensitive load during intensive operation. There are three types of elastomer materials that make up the pin rings for different demands.

KTR design engineers have developed the KX-D SD model to quickly disconnect or reactivate the drivetrain connection for extremely special designs (picture 4), so the electrical motor changes can be made very quickly and without interrupting the operation.

Fully steel couplings and brakes In places with high ambient temperatures, such as the iron and steel industry, GEARex® double-rail all-steel gear couplings are used on the drive side of industrial gearboxes. The range is selected for shaft diameters up to 930 mm with a torque transmission of 820.000 Nm to 450 Nm. As an option, KTR couplings, integrated brake disc, KTR STOP® provide a smooth stopping of the transport systems and the ropeway with the IntelliRamp® control unit for hydraulic disc brakes and ramp control of motion.

The KTR-STOP® braking system ensures safe and effective stopping Because the air gap between the brake pads and the disc is too small, due to their shape, these braking systems respond with very low inertia. KTR-STOP® (passive) is a caliper brake that brakes with spring force (picture 5). With increased hydraulic pressure, the brake force is reduced, allowing the disc to rotate and torque transmission. The KTR-STOP® is characterized by its extremely compact design and a small installation area. In addition to mechanical and climatic environmental influences, aggressive substances are effectively kept away from the brake due to the complex housing. Extra wear rings and integrated dirt seals reduce the possibility of problems.

KTR with IntelliRamp® provides exclusive ramp control for KTR-STOP®, allowing individual braking to be effective and at the same time smooth braking. In this way, other transport systems such as couplings, gearboxes and rope pulley are also protected.

ATEX Certified All KTR coupling series mentioned are ATEX 95 and partly DNV certified and approved.

They are therefore suitable for power transmission on these drives, which are also intended for use in explosion-proof areas or marine applications.

Conclusion KTR provides a complete range of reliability around industrial gearboxes and demanding applications, including coupling types such as the KTR-STOP braking system and IntelliRamp brake control.

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